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Car Transport In Visakhapatnam

LogisticGuru is one of the renowned car transportation agencies in Visakhapatnam that have successfully built a reputation in this field. So almost everyone knows Logistic Guru in one go, because we are experienced and trusted car transportation company. There are some people who want to cover long distance for relocation sitting behind the wheel because they consider driving as one of their passion. So they want to miss any chance of driving and they simply do care do much distance they need you drive. There is a possibility that they may be faced accident that throws them in a problematic situation. So it is smart decision to get in touch with professional car transport in Visakhapatnam like Logistic Guru.
Welcome to Logistic Guru, the best car carrier in Visakhapatnam

If you want to get the best service of a professional car carrier in Visakhapatnam, Logistic Guru is undoubtedly one of the most trusted Car Shifting service providers in the city that not only helps you in getting your car shifted to the desired location but also makes you feel relieved. It is the safest transportation service available for your Car Shipping in Visakhapatnam or the outer area.

  • We highly understand that your car is not just a vehicle for you; it is your precious belongings. Also, we know that there are a lot of memories that are attached to the vehicle that you are bound with it.
  • We at LogisticGuru always take the utmost care of your vehicle and transport it to the desired location with safety and smoothly.
  • We highly understand that moving a vehicle from one destination to another is actually a stressful activity that's why we hire professionals to complete the task.
  • We are one of the trusted Car Carrier in Visakhapatnam, India and works towards minimizing your stress.
  • Your car protection is our utmost priority. After hiring us, you will not feel like your vehicle is in the wrong hands.
  • We have several amazing customized car carriers to install your car in such a manner that it does not get damaged during transit. Till now, we have dealt with more than thousands of car movements.
  • We always believe in providing effective services with affordable prices and amazing logistic solutions.
  • We have worked with several clients, including large organizations like Nissan Renault, Mahindra and Others.
Car Carrier, Car Transportation, Car and Bike Relocation in Visakhapatnam

LogisticGuru a Trusted and reliable name in Car Transport service in Visakhapatnam, car shifted service in Visakhapatnam, Bike Transport in Visakhapatnam, and Bike Relocation from Visakhapatnam. To make us a trusted and reliable car transport, since our inception we hold a well maintained fleet of 70 customized Car Carriers.

  • we can handle the movement of thousands of car shipping deals easily and
  • Satisfying individual customers, multi-national corporations and dealers with its efficient services ,
  • We provide compatible prices
  • We offer unmatched logistics solutions.

LogisticGuru is the renowned car shifting in Visakhapatnam. So when it comes to shifting your goods we take highest level of care and safety because we know that there are inseparable memories, sentiments and emotions attached to these belongings. So when you move your vehicle – you are moving your emotional values along with it. We at Logistic Guru, the best car carrier in Visakhapatnam have been taking utmost care and security in protecting your emotions.

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LogisticGuru is a premium car transport agency in Visakhapatnam

At LogisticGuru, our hold a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who always works to keep your vehicle movement maintaining the proper schedule with utmost care. Even our customer service team is always available to explain to you everything regarding car transport. If you hire us for Vehicle Transport in Visakhapatnam then you will be experiencing some of the major advantages include

  • Car transport with utmost care safely and securely
  • On-time pickup and drop facility
  • Transparency assurance
  • We deliver car in exact condition we receive it from you
  • With high quality tracking system, You can easily track your car from anywhere with the help of GPS devices
  • No one can misuse your vehicle while it is during transit, so customer can keep the key of the car with them.
  • 24*7 Customer care support to provide you peace of mind
  • We are more than seven years in this industry, so we have enough experience your car is in safe hands
  • We have well-maintained trucks to move your car safely
Local Car Transport in Visakhapatnam - Transport My Car

At Logistic Guru, we realize the importance and vitality of orderly delivering of your car from one destination to another. Vehicle shifting services is totally different from residence relocation service. So it always needs expert assistance. Not only private car shifting, we are always ready to help corporate, government systems, mid scale offices and small private sectors for car transport. We realize the importance of safety, security and timely execution of car shifting process. Our dedicated team has been trained to shift the Car maintaining the proper schedule, without damaging the car and loss of any important things. Empathy is our nature, we empathize that losing any important things or information can lead you the huge damage.

Our Process
  • We know that the car shifting is a planned execution of systems, so we follow the proper plan.
  • Everything is planned in advance and the prior briefing is provided to the client,
  • We provide the utmost care so we ensure damage free car transportation So no question of loss or damage, thus don't arise
  • Our Vehicle shifting is boost by relocation specialist, closed containers, dedicated team, and expert loading & unloading crew

So, you can hire us to make your car shift with precision and intact transit.

We always believe in providing you with the best services. With us, you will be enjoying the below mention things:
  • 24*7 customer care services.
  • Since 2013, we are in the market, so we have more than seven years of experience
  • We provide pan India moving facility
  • Careful handling of your car’s new line on door to door and on-time delivery
  • Pickup and drop facility
  • High quality tracking service that is controlled by Mobile and web application.
  • We have strong network that we provide our service at 70 destinations nationwide
  • Our branches are fully computerized as well as networked, so it is well linked with each other.
  • With One lakh square feet of warehouse we provide the storage service which let us to provide the unbeatable advantage.
  • We have maintained fleet of more than 5000 vehicles
  • We have experience of transporting 70000 vehicles at a time.
  • We always use the international standard packing materials and techniques that assured the proper protection of your car.
With the best Vehicle Transport in Visakhapatnam, you can get complete peace of mind

Before hiring us you should know about our service, rule and regulation. So you can be assured that you hand over your car to us, you can feel complete peace as we allow you to keep the keys with you. Also, you do not need to worry about the time period as you can track your car movement with the help of GPS devices and we generally offer the on time delivery option. Being the prominent Car Shipping in Visakhapatnam, we always provide the utmost customer care that is always our main priority. If you feel any problem or if you have any doubt with our service, you can feel free to contact our executive. We are undoubtedly the one-stop solution for your car moving.

Hassle car shifting in Visakhapatnam

It is extremely important for anyone to know about the car transport service which they going to hiring. When you decide to move one city or state to another, the first question should be arisen in your mind “"How to hire the best and affordable Car moving service in Visakhapatnam. Some transport services are known to be involved in some fraudulent activities like theft, losses of car etc

So main point is that how do you find the reliable, trusted and affordable car transport in Visakhapatnam. You can make list of best car movers of this city. Then you need to track the past record of their activities, need to check the experience, record and credibility, reputation of the service providers.

To get the proper information, you can verify all their detail and experience physically like their office address, parking yard , how many years they are in the market. But most of the time customers do not have enough time for survey then you can ask your friends, family members, relatives or ask the elder persons of your area. If you have any doubt about the service of car carrier of Visakhapatnam, you need to clear it.

You should try to transport your car with the best Car Shipping in Visakhapatnam like Logistic Guru anywhere, anytime.

At Logistic Guru, we are one of the most renowned and prominent car shifting service providers, working in the industry for more than seven years, since 2013. We always believe in providing the best services to our customers and maintain healthy relationships with them. Gaining the good reputation is our, main motive. We highly understand your emotion, priorities and love for your vehicle.

We also understand that if you are doing business with us that mean you are placing your faith in us. We always keep it in mind and move your car safely and securely with all the care possible. We always promise to deliver your vehicle on schedule and in the exact condition also; as we have stated that transparency is always there for it.

The factors to consider while choosing the right Vehicle Transport in Visakhapatnam

Well, if you are shifting from one destination to another, then you have to shift your stuff with you as well. Along with the furniture, cloths, books, cooking utensils and other important material, your car is equally important along with other things; sometimes. Not only, has it had the highest priority. This is not only important; you are emotionally attached with it. Due to this reason, it is important to hire professionals. Well, here we have given the list of factors you should consider while hiring the car shifting service providers in Visakhapatnam.

Check the company have valid registration and license :

First of all, before hiring the professionals, it is vital for you to ensure that they are registered and hold a valid license approved by the government. Most of the good car transport of Visakhapatnam must be registered with the department of transport. It is a must checked if you are moving long distance.

Check the which type of insurance policies, the company provides:

You should check that whether they are insured and bonded or not. Along with registration and valid license, it is important to ensure that the company is insured and bonded as well. In case the car or the driver or both get involved in an accident, then you should stay covered. Usually, it happens that the insurance agencies do not cover the cars getting transported. Hence it is important for you to check out all the insurance policies.

Check if the company has well designed website:

Also Check the company has well designed website or not. If they have a website, it should look professional, and most of the good website has all the information regarding car transport service.

Check the reviews of the customer, may be these are good or bad:

Read and go through all the customers’ reviews and testimonials given by others customers regarding the service of the company. It will assist you to understanding how they treat their customers.

Take a look over the services:

Check out what types of services they generally offer. Some car transporters only operate regionally, and some are having limitations according to the size of the vehicle and the type used to transport. Discuss each and everything with the transporter that how they have planned to move your car.

Cost matters a lot:

Cost is always the important factor that all people should consider while hiring a company. Every transporter has not same cost plans to transport the vehicle from one destination to another. Check out all the pricing policies properly before assigning any car transport or signing any sort of contract.

Consider the Protection protocols:

Check out the protection protocol of car carrier of Visakhapatnam. Usually, most of the reputable companies ask customers to take a picture of external and internal or existing damaged of the car, so that no confusion can be arise later about the damages. Provide the proper documentation and evaluate the car thermally before handing it over to the transportation company.

These are some of the major factors you should consider while hiring Car Transport in Visakhapatnam. At Logistic Guru, we are glad to inform you that we fulfill all the above-given requirements and provide you with the best service in town. You can rely on us regarding your vehicle transport. We ensure the safety and security of your vehicle and work towards providing you with the best service as well. You will definitely experience a smooth transition with us.

How to choose Car Transport in Visakhapatnam | Car and Bike Transport Services in Visakhapatnam

Car transport is actually physical transportation of the car or other vehicle from destination or another through by car carrier. Logistic Guru has gained extreme popularity as the best Car transport in Visakhapatnam in last couple of years. It serves those people who need to shift from one city to another. In some cases, people decide to drive down his car, but it is not a simple fact, it means numerous days on road and there are possibilities to reaching the destination with damaged vehicle

Logistic Guru is also entails the shipping of the car to another city if it is sold to a person living in another city. Apart from the car, we also focus on Bike Transport in Visakhapatnam. In some cases, it gets unfeasible for some seller or purchaser to physically come to the selling point,

In that case Logistic Guru, the Car transport in Visakhapatnam helps people in sending or receiving the car in a brand new condition without any headaches.

It is suggested by the expert, when selecting a car transportation company, it is better to go with car transport. More often, the distances between the two cities are such that it may take days for the car to reach its destination. In case if one chooses an open transport then there are chances that his/her car may somewhat be damaged because of the lashing winds and rains. Therefore, by spending a little more, in case one settles for an enclosed transport, both the sender and the receiver can be sure of transporting and receiving their vehicle in the perfect condition.

Apart from getting the hassles of Car Transport Visakhapatnam, the enclosed car transport has helped the auto dealers to mushroom across the world. Now people are no more forced to buy new or used cars from the local dealers. They can now easily rely on such a company for taking care of the Car transportation. The advent of internet has given huge boost to this industry.

Before one zeroes in on the car transport company, there are a few factors that he or she should look into-

The right equipment

Enclosed vehicle is extremely useful for car transportation it has hard sided and completely enclosed, so that it protects the cars from dust, rock and weather. This becomes all the more important if one is moving a vintage or a collector's car.

Safe loading and unloading-

it is extremely essential that car carrying trucks need to be equipped with hydraulic lift gates, because through this lift gates the car should be lifted on truck properly absolutely horizontal position.

Door to door tracking-

with the modern and updated tracking system you can track exactly where is your car, if you will get your car delivered at a given time on a given day or not. Air ride suspension-these trucks should also have the facility of air ride suspension so that they are cushioned throughout the transit.


Find a company with best car transport in Visakhapatnam you are interested in and go directly to their offered quote on their website. (try to avoid putting your information in a multi-quote website. If so, then you will receive unfavorable email and phones calls from different companies which can put you in problem) you have to enter all the details correctly to receive the accurate service rate from the company. Most automatic quotes that you can receive from the company are for operable car, passenger vehicles.


Try to avoid going with the company offer the lowest price. Many car transportation agencies attract unsuspecting customers with their cheap quotes or lowest bid. Then they have to find out a carrier to physically move your car. Sometime, the carrier does not accept the cheap price (and generally they don't), then your car will not be moved.


Try to make proper research to find out the best car transport companies you are considering. You can start with simply Google searching with companies or website name, or you can search with review website. Find out their phone numbers and then them, and ask several questions about them. You can ask your friends if they know about any car transport company. Apart from it, you can review quotes, terms & conditions, reviews posted on the Internet. Make sure how many years they have been in business.


After that you need to make a decision about which company can fulfill your needs and book your car transport. Make sure they send you the confirmation through fax or email. Read everything details of the company before signing any agreement.


After that you should prepare your car for transport by removing all personal or valuable items from it. And you have to remove the fuel and make it less than a quarter tank. Because car carriers prefer some amount of fuel on the car because it greatly decreases the weight they carry. They want some amount of fuel on the car because; if the car need to be moved then it will help.


Make sure the carrier inspects your vehicle. At pick-up, the driver should inspect the car for any existing damage. They will footnote the damage on a VEHICLE CONDITION REPORT. They will ask you to sign it and will hand you a copy of the report for your records. Keep this with you until the car is delivered.


Inspect the car to ensure there are no additional dings, dents or scratches. This is your only opportunity to claim damage, so please take your time. If any damage is claimed, make sure the carrier signs the condition report and make sure you retain a copy for your records.

Our Commitment:
  • We provide the customer on time delivery, safe relocation, without damage and scratch on the cars.
  • We offer you on free pick up and door to door delivery with proper safety and secure.
  • With our service, you can save your precious time in looking for a good car transport companies.
  • We will use your information to process your request only.
  • We keep your information safe and secure.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to find good car carrier in Visakhapatnam

In our webpage page you can get instant quote or EQUIRY FORM. You have to fill the form very carefully mentioning your requirements about car transportation. It is very easy to fill the form. Your requirements and enquiry will be sent to our executive who will provide you competitive rates for the services. You can take your time to make the right decision. You have to compare rates, services and other details with other service providers before making a final deal.

What is the commitment for car transportation?

At Logistic Guru, you definitely get the on time delivery, safe relocation, error free car service. We offer our customers on free pick up and door to door delivery with proper security and safety. We definitely save your precious time in looking for car transport companies. We generally use your detail to process your request only. We always try to keep your detail safe and secure.

How many days before inform /call for car transportation?

To avoid the last-minute hassle, we recommend all our customers to inform us at least 24 hours before exact shifting date.

Why we should hire Transport My Car for Car Transport in Visakhapatnam?

We are in the field since 2007, so we have 13 years Experience as a Professional Car transporter .we helped numerous of people to shifting their goods. We transport your car with proper security, safety, quality and time saving with a wide variety of car transport services at affordable price.

Is my car insured while on the move?

With the best car transport in Noida, ensure that your car is insured against loss damage, including fire or accidental damage or damage by other clauses when they pick your car from your doorsteps. You will be pre-notified if anything happens with your car from the transport company's end.

How does the car get transported?

If you hire a reliable car shifting in Noida, you will be ensured that your car will safely be enclosed in trucks while moving to other places. These car transport trucks have harnesses and slots enclosed with it to ensure the cars or other vehicles are transported in a safe manner. Some lesser know companies drive the car while moving it from one place to another; it is not secure for the car. In this process, it may face an accident or criminal activity.

How the Logistic Guru save your time?

Hiring Logistic Guru, the renowned car shipping in Visakhapatnam, is a time-saving option. When you decide to hand over your vehicle to us, you are really gifting yourself enough time. How much time it totally depends on how far you're moving; that might be hours, a day, or even a week. This time you can use it differently, including arrangements for shifting, tie up loose ends, making last-minute checking, or saying goodbye to the neighbors.

How do I pay for the car shipment?

We are having different payment options available for customers using the Car Transport in Visakhapatnam service. You can either go for the online methods or can also pay in cash. Furthermore, you can contact our customer executive team to clarify all the doubts.

Do I need to do anything to repair my vehicle for transport?

You just need to ensure that at the time of shifting, your car is fully operational. Check the tires and brakes, engine and other function of the car. You can also remove your personal belongings for safety purpose. Also, it is necessary to take all the notes of damaged or dents on the vehicle.

Do Logistic Guru offer all India services from Visakhapatnam?

Yes, we at Logistic Guru offer packing and shifting services from Visakhapatnam to all over India. Whether you plan to get shifted from Visakhapatnam to Pune or any other state or country, we are here to help you relocate safely. We will get your car shifted to the desired destination without having any complexities. You need to contact us; we will send our executive to your door. He will pick up and transport your car to the city you are relocating to.

Which is the cheaper option to ship a car or drive?

Driving the car is always cheaper than shipping it through trucks or trains, especially for shorter moves. But most professional auto transport companies still use the truck to move a car because, in this process, the chances of low damage are involved and are a lot more convenient than driving.

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