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Logistic Guru- One Stop Solution To Car Shifting In Trivandrum

Car Transport In Trivandrum

Logistic Guruis the pioneer in the field of car shifting management for years now. With the dedicated staff at work, we are the most affordable car shifting service in Trivandrum. As a certified IBA recognized company the company aims at delivering the best car moving services which are also the competitive ones as compared to others.

Migrating to a different place is a whole new experience altogether. Not only the place is new but the shifting process related to it is tiresome too. This is where Logistic Gurucomes in handy with its dynamic vehicle shifting service in Trivandrum.

Logistic Guru- A New Experience In Car Transport Domain

A hassle-free experience is something that every customer craves for. We at Logistic Gurutend to provide that same so that all the requirements associated with the vehicle transport service in Trivandrum. Providing quality and cost-effective service is our forte and we never tend to compromise on the same.

Car Transport in Trivandrum, Car Carrier Service, Vehicle Transport To Trivandrum

Logistic Guruis offering our services as a car transport agency not only in Trivandrumbut also in other major cities of India.

  • Logistic GuruCar Transport provides the best car transport, car relocation services in Trivandrum, as an affordable and reliable car transport agency.
  • Best Car Carrier in Trivandrum, Car Transportation Best Trivandrum, Car Carrier, Car carrier services Trivandrum. We can help people with car transport also on long-distance trips.
  • We are offering quality and truly professional services at the market's best prices. Car Shifting makes people feel pathetic as there are burdens of tasks. People who don’t want to take the burden of relocation must consult the reputed Car moving companies.
  • There are several companies present in the market. But Logistic Guruis the most recognized one among different clients across the country. Our professional team takes the whole responsibility of the car transport in Trivandrum.
  • We handle the entire task in such a way that car transport becomes easy. Logistic Gurucar transport provides a foolproof way according to which our team completes the whole task.
  • The staff and movers teams of our companies are always ready to assist their clients and make their customers free from all stress, we also serve some other allied services that make their customers free from all worries
  • Trivandrum-based car transport service provider-Ravindra Relocation is always ready to assist their clients and make their customers feel relaxed.
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Research For Choosing A Car Transport Company In Trivandrum

There are different reasons for which one should opt for car transport service services. As the entire transportation service is carried out by the team of professionals the services are well equipped under professional guidance.

You Save Yourself From The Extra Miles Of Your Vehicle

Despite how much fun road traveling is, it comes at a cost, and one of them is your time. It is a big factor for many people, and some have even touted it as the most valuable asset a man can possess. Driving it down to your destination is time-consuming.

Depending upon the destination, the road trip will be hours, days, or even weeks. Until and unless you’re completely free from any duties and can afford that much hours, you shouldn’t consider driving it yourself.

This will affect its value when you put it up for sale. Furthermore, not only the meter, when you run your vehicle, you’re going to put wear and tear on the engine, wheels, body, and overall appearance of the vehicle which further decreases the value of it. This holds for the interiors of the car as well.

You End Up Saving Money

By driving down to your destination, you not only end up consuming your precious time but also exhausting some hard-earned money that you could have used somewhere else. Fuel is one major cost driver.

Driving a car requires a lot of energy which comes from gas or petrol. Therefore, you’ll be refueling multiple times along the way which increases the cost of shifting your car by yourself. Additionally, there are costs of your food, accommodation, and other miscellaneous charges.

Ensure Safety

By choosing a vehicle transport service, you shall ensure that you’ll be on the safe side. Driving for long distances or even shorter routes is however risky. You are always at a risk of damaging your car or yourself.

Therefore, it is wise to take a flight or train and let your transfer service company handle it. Even though they are not completely safe either, they are nevertheless a better option. Even if your vehicle incurs damages with the shipping company, they’ll be paying for it and not you.

How To Choose Car Carrier Or Transport Company

Scams are bound to happen in the car transport industry. We take you through how to choose an auto transport company, and more importantly, how to avoid the scams that prey on those shipping their vehicles long distances.


Find a company you are interested in and go directly to their website for a quote. (Do not put your information on a multi-quote website. You will receive unfavorable email and phone calls from 20 different companies.) You must enter all information correctly to receive the most accurate rate.

Most automatic quotes that you will receive are for operable, standard passenger vehicles. Cars with modifications (i.e. lift kits, lowered suspensions, bigger tires) and cars that do not run cost additional money for the size, weight, and conditions for the carrier.


Do not automatically go with the lowest price. Many companies lure unsuspecting customers with the lowest bid. They then need to locate a carrier to physically move your vehicle. If the carrier does not accept the low price (and generally they don't), then your vehicle will not be moved. A lot of companies low-ball customers into using their company.


Research the transport companies you are considering. Learn from others' experiences using the wealth of information available on the Internet. You can start by simply doing a Google search of the company's name, or by using a review website. Call multiple companies, ask friends if they have ever used a car transport company.

Review quotes, terms & conditions, reviews posted on the Internet, and make sure they have been in business for at least a few years. This is a highly unregulated industry, and many less than desirable companies pop up with new names every few years to strike unsuspecting customers again and again.

Make sure the brokers are bonded and that the carriers they assign are licensed and insured. Whichever company you decide to go with, familiarize yourself with their dispute resolution procedures as well.


Make a decision about which company to use and book your transport. Make sure to have a confirmation via fax or email. Read everything a company sends you before signing it. Be aware that if you place a reservation via the Internet, your e-signature is binding once you click send or submit.


Prepare your vehicle for transport by removing all personal or valuable items. Auto carriers prefer you have less than a quarter tank of fuel because it greatly decreases the weight they carry and the less weight they haul the better the fuel economy while driving from point to point.

The less it costs them the less it will continue to cost you!! It is a good idea to wash vehicles before the inspection report at pick-up. This ensures the car’s condition is readily recognized before transit. It's also a good idea to disable any alarm system before transport.


Make sure the carrier inspects your vehicle. At pick-up, the driver should inspect the car for any existing damage. They will footnote the damage on a VEHICLE CONDITION REPORT. They will ask you to sign it and will hand you a copy of the report for your records. Keep this with you until the car is delivered.


Inspect the car to ensure there are no additional dings, dents, or scratches. This is your only opportunity to claim damage, so please take your time. If any damage is claimed, make sure the carrier signs the condition report and make sure you retain a copy for your records.

Welcome To Logistic Guru- Your Car Transport Partner In Trivandrum

Logistic Guru is a premium rated company when it comes to fulfilling the aspirations related to car transport in Trivandrum. It's a unit of relocation and shifting with hassle free processing fee.

We are among the best Car transport in Trivandrum and one of the main vehicle transport organizations in India from the time vehicle transportation administrations were in existence.

Under this unit, we give a total house-to-house vehicle transportation administration. We have unique holders for transportation of vehicles that are intended to move the car as it were. At Logistic Guruwe give efficient and speedy administrations as a car transport in Trivandrum at the most affordable costs which makes us outstanding amongst other vehicle transporter specialist co-ops in India.

We guarantee you that you will get the vehicle without a scratch, efficiently through fast and transparent vehicle moving administrations. Our prepared and experienced staff of vehicle transporters empower us to convey the protected and ideal conveyance of your vehicle to any selected places in India.

Documents Required for Vehicle Transportation
  • Enlistment Certificate/Smart Card (Xerox duplicate)
  • Protection Paper (Xerox Copy)
  • Contamination Under Control
  • The record We Provide To Customer
  • Vehicle Condition Paper – All the conditions identified with the vehicle are noted in this record for instance Tire Serial Number, Battery Serial Number, All noticeable scratches alongside extras and complete different factors are referenced at the hour of assortment at your entryway.
  • Transfer Note – Vehicle Collection address and Delivery Address with contact Person are filled in this structure.
  • Bill.
  • Cash Receipt.
Why You Should Consult The Logistic GuruAs Your Shifting Partner?
Protection Coverage

With the organization of our transporters, you get Complete Insurance Coverage. This qualifies you to fix situations of any misfortunes. This makes our administrations authentic and solid.

Committed Agents

Committed specialists who will explain to you about all your inquire and all your migration necessities are met. You get the client care office nonstop as our telephone lines are available 24*7.

Carrier Network

We have a grounded network altogether in parts of India and across the globe. This makes us proficient to oblige any piece of India or abroad, consequently guaranteeing ideal administrations.

Vehicle Tracking

We give you a customized, exact update of the transfer status, at whatever point you request it. The vehicles can be followed effectively by being outfitted with GPS routes and GPS beacons.

Key highlights of our car transport services at Trivandrum
  • Vehicle transportation through covered vehicle transporter compartments.
  • Sports and Vintage vehicle movement using single-vehicle transporter shut compartments.
  • Entryway Collection and Door Delivery.
  • Travel Insurance and Door to Door Insurance
  • There exists 24/7 customer assistance so that your queries are solved instantly.
  • Logistic Guruis your one-stop solution when it comes to car transport in Trivandrum.
  • The quality of services that Logistic Guruprovides is at par with the market rates.
  • Logistic Gurubelieves in taking care of their clients no matter what in terms of logistic assistance.
  • No more you need to worry about your consignment as you can track time on a real-time basis.
  • Logistic Guruis an IBA certified logistics company taking care of services like car transport in Trivandrum.
  • Logistic Guruis your online platform which can be helpful in case you are thinking of migrating to some other places.
Logistic Guru- Your Premium Rated Transport Partner

There is something special in Logistic Guruwhich makes it different from other transport services. For us customers satisfaction is of utmost importance. We believe in honesty and our work is a reflection of our ethics which we believe in. Below are some of the reasons which give Logistic Guruedge over other transportation services.

  • All India Services
  • 100% Transparency: Detailed following and revealing
  • Close limit Car Parking
  • Protected and Fast Vehicle Transportation (Complete Door to Door Service)
  • Acknowledge Credit/Debit Card.
  • Huge Team of Trained and Skilled Experts
  • Logistic Guruis a pioneer in the transportation industry providing assistance with car transport in Trivandrum. A company having its expertise in the nationwide car and bike shifting services through water, road, and air.
  • All the branches are fully computerized and well-structured with each other. Proper care is taken along with the best quality packaging material ensuring less external injuries to the required shifting pieces of stuff.
Logistic Guru- Your Car Shifting Partner In Trivandrum

Logistic Guruis the most reliable vehicle transportation especially in terms of car transport in Trivandrum. It's the best company having a quality administration setup in India.

It just not shifts or moves cars but also helps in smooth loading and uploading of your favourite vehicle. The company has 5000 plus carriers with GPS. Till now it has delivered 10,000 cars and 15000 bike shifting successfully.

A vehicle isn't only a vehicle to you; it is a vehicle that you pamper, a vehicle to which your recollections are appended, a vehicle that has consistently gone to your guide at whatever point you needed to move to better places.

This is where Logistic Guruwill help you in taking care of your favourite vehicle in terms of shifting and moving it from one place to another. Logistic Guruis your perfect travel partner when it comes to providing reliable car transport in Trivandrum

We At Logistic GuruTake Most Extreme Consideration of Your Valuable Vehicle

We comprehend that moving is a distressing movement, be it for individual or expert reasons. You can undoubtedly believe us as we have ensured our interaction to cause you to feel that your vehicle is in the correct hands.

Satisfying The Interest For The Best Car Transport In Trivandrum

On the off chance that you are getting moved to another area, you should have an interest in moving your vehicle around with no difficulties. In Trivandrum, there are so numerous vehicle moving or vehicle transportation organizations accessible, yet the only important thing is a smooth-moving encounter. We at Logistic Guru comprehend the requirements totally and work best to give you the most fulfilling administration.

If the area is very far away, the driving thought doesn't work.
  • It turns into a tiring cycle. Additionally, on the off chance that the environment isn't well disposed of, likewise, it turns out to be very hard to move the vehicle all alone.
  • In such a case, vehicle moving or vehicle movement or employing the bestTransport In Trivandrum gets fundamental.

While managing the checked Car Transport In Trivandrum, customers don't confront such difficulty in getting their vehicle delivered to a spot far away. We, at Logistic Guru, exceptionally put stock in offering the best types of assistance to our customers. For Car Transport In Trivandrum, we have the best carriers.

The company also comes with a feature of real-time tracking with ETA. It is an IBA approved company that helps in decreasing the errors while packing and shifting the vehicles.

We are Logistic Gurudealing with affordable car transportation services. The company tends to cover a wide range of service from car shifting, relocation to bike moving and packing services.

Our Planning and Collection Process:

Kickstarting your capacity and conveyance venture with us is simple. Tell us what you need to store and we'll work out how much space you require and furnish you with a statement. When you're glad to continue, we'll book you in! Our excessively gifted group will gather your things and ensure they're completely bundled before moving them into capacity.

A Storage Delivery Service with a Difference:

Safeguarding your things against robbery and harm is our main need, which is the reason we keep up our storage space to the best quality. Day in and day out CCTV and an on-location supervisor ensure everything stays safe, and our temperature control innovation guarantees your assets stay in supreme condition all through their visit with us.

Capacity Delivery Whenever You Need It:

Save additional time and cash by utilizing us for store get and conveyance. Our adaptable valuing implies you can store your things with us however long you need.

Logistic Guru- Avail The Best Car Shifting Service In Trivandrum

Logistic Guruis your sole shifting carrier when it comes to delivering the best car transport in Trivandrum. We as a whole love to deal without limit, particularly with regards to shifting and moving of vehicles.

Assuming you are additionally having ownership of your vehicle, you can comprehend this inclination. We at Logistic Guruare offering you a wide scope of value in regards to moving, migration, and Car Transport In Trivandrum.

Our mission lies in offering quality solutions along with providing the best types of assistance to our clients. We are the biggest and most noticeable Car Transport In Trivandrum.

Satisfying the interest for the best Car Transport In Trivandrum

Assuming you are getting moved to another area, you should have an interest in moving your vehicle around with no intricacies. For Car Transport In Trivandrum, there are so numerous vehicle moving or vehicle transportation organizations accessible, yet the only thing that is in any way important is having a smooth moving encounter. We at Logistic Guru comprehend the prerequisite totally and work best to give you the most fulfilling administration.

At whatever point we move towards another area, it appears to be so awesome yet moving the stuff starting with one spot then onto the next is an intricate cycle to get finished.

A great many people as a rule like to move their vehicles close by so they can get the simplicity of transport with no intricacies. Indeed, even a few groups like to drive and move their vehicles and different vehicles to where they are moving.

High standard packing material is used so that the property is not damaged while shifting from one place to another. For better convenience, there is an online tracking facility feature where the clients can track their scheduled consignment.

We deliver car transport in Trivandrum by covering a special insurance cover for the benefits of our clients. Not only this, we are a premium logistic company dealing with the bike and car shifting via road, air, and water.

Premium Vehicle Transport Organization In India

It just not shifts or moves cars but also helps in smooth loading and uploading of your favourite vehicle. The company has 5000 plus carriers with GPS. Till now it has delivered 10,000 cars and 15000 bike shifting successfully.

At Logistic Guru, our group consistently attempts to keep the vehicle development on time securely and with the most extreme consideration. Indeed, even our client assistance group is additionally consistently accessible to disclose to you everything in regards to vehicle transport. If you employ us for Car Transport In Trivandrum, you will encounter a portion of the significant benefits including

  • On-time pickup and drop office
  • Transparency confirmation
  • We offer back the vehicle in the condition we get it
  • You can without much of a stretch track your vehicle from anyplace with the assistance of GPS gadgets
  • You can keep the keys with you so nobody can abuse your vehicle
  • Customer care backing to give you genuine feelings of serenity
  • It's been over seven years we are in this industry, so your vehicle is in safe hands.
  • We have all around kept up trucks to move your vehicle securely
We generally have confidence in giving you the best administrations around. With us, you will appreciate:
  • 24 hours uphold
  • Pan India moving office
  • More than seven years of involvement
  • Careful treatment of your vehicle's new line on the entryway and on-time conveyance
  • Pickup and drop office
  • Mobile and web application following of your vehicle
Get your vehicle moved with the best Car Transport In Shahdara anyplace

We are quite possibly the most unmistakable vehicle transport specialist organizations working in the business for over seven years. We generally trust in offering the best quality types of assistance to our clients and keep up sound associations with them. We exceptionally comprehend your needs and love for your vehicle.

We generally guarantee to convey your vehicle on time and in the specific condition likewise; as we have expressed that straightforwardness is consistently there for it.

Till now, we have helped more than a large number of clients in moving their vehicles. In this cycle, we have connected with a few organizations and clients. As per our encounters, here we are posting well-known inquiries.

Till now, we have helped more than a huge number of clients in moving their vehicles to somewhere else in and around Trivandrum. In this cycle, we have associated with a few organizations and clients. As indicated by our encounters, here we are posting the absolute most normal inquiries individuals frequently pose to us. This might be your question listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any odds of postponement in my conveyance?

All things considered, we as a whole are exceptionally dedicated to moving your vehicle inside the given time-frame. On the off chance that such a delay happens, at that point, we will furnish you with data in regards to something very similar ahead of time.

Imagine a scenario in which there is such harm during the change.

We generally take appropriate consideration of the well-being of your vehicle. That is the fundamental explanation we give every one of the fundamentals, before beginning the shipment interaction.

How would I pay for the vehicle shipment?

We are having diverse installment alternatives accessible for clients utilizing the Are there any chances of delay in my delivery? Well, we all are highly committed to relocating your vehicle within the given period. In case any sort of delay occurs, then we will provide you with information regarding the same in advance.

Will I have to pay the shipment fees in advance?

Logistic Gurutends to take in advance the freight charges so as to any difficulties in terms of shifting or moving your vehicle. This may vary according to the location you are shifting for. It is advisable to talk to us beforehand so that things can be tackled accordingly. Also we can get in touch with us for any other assistance as well.

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