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Car Transport In Raipur

Are you searching for good car Transport Company in Raipur for shifting or transporting your vehicle to the new destination? In this case LogisticGuru car carrier may be your ideal destination. They are one of the leading car carrier services in Raipur. They have earned this name mainly known for its great customer support services. Here, you will find all kinds of services including car carrier services, driving services, car transportation services, etc. If you have an expensive or luxurious car, you need to know us in detail and in advance about the car so that we can take special care to move your car accordingly. Here is information about us and our services in detail.

Reason for Choosing Us
  • With our well-maintained, dedicated and professional team, we can offer our customers the better service while we shift your car or any other vehicles. We do all these work much efficiently and professionally.
  • This is our preference to provide the customer friendly approach when you choose our car carrier in Raipur.
  • From LogisticGuru Car Carrier you can always expect superior quality packing materials so that you can get delivered your car out any damaged during the transit when we transport it to the new destinations
  • always offer our customers the elementary mode of payment systems which completely suits your car transport requirement. We aim to make our customer satisfied.
  • We always offers the services like car carrier, car transportation services, car moving services etc at affordable price as we are the leading car carrier in Raipur
  • We to offer the competitive and budget friendly cost for every transport related service to our entire client.
About us

Since 2013, LogisticGuru is in the market of car transportation as a renowned car shifting service in Raipur. Due to our high-quality moving service, we are considered as the leading brand. We are always committed to providing the best car transport services to our customers. The doors expand our facilities to doors, car shifts, bike shifting, and automotive transport. Our genuine strategy is to make the relocation easy and swift and make our customer satisfied.

The ruin of fort and capital city of Chhattisgarh, There are many historical stories about Raipur. The car transport business has undergone tremendous changes recent time in this city, for which many car transport companies is mushrooming here. LogisticGuru is one of the pioneers among them. Its great car carrier service has been designed considering all aspects and angles of the customer. That is why every year this company continues to increase its name and success in the field of car transport and carrier and has taken perfect and careful steps to provide better service.

You always rely on reputed Car Transport in Raipur who always provide good services and approved by the government. So, you can choose LogisticGuru. We can always be trusted to comply with all legal rules and regulations. Our work process can be a reliable source that ensures that there is no damage to the vehicle during the transport process.

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BMW Car Transport In Raipur
Jaguar Car Transport In Raipur
Toyota Car Transport In Raipur
Volkswagen Car Transport In Raipur
Honda Car Transport In Raipur
Ford Car Transport In Raipur
Nissan Car Transport In Raipur
Hyundi Car Transport In Raipur
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Renault Car Transport In Raipur
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TATA Car Transport In Raipur
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Datsun Car Transport In Raipur
MG Hector Car Transport In Raipur
Fiat Car Transport In Raipur
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Mahindra Car Transport In Raipur
Services We Provide

•  Car Carrier Service in Raipur -

We always try to keep track on all our latest development of the industry, so we can provide the reliable and trusted car carrier services to the customers by ensuring quick and systematic execution of vehicle transport services based on the requirements of customer. Our vehicle movers will transport your vehicle securely and safely to the new destination, so you can avoid the long distance driving.

•  Car Shifting in Raipur -

The great fact about choosing our car shifting services is that our expert team members organize the entire work of the shifting the cars with utmost care. We try to move your car professionally your new home without making any wear and tear. Before choosing the service, you can get the free quotes from us so that you can get our service at an affordable rate.

•  Car Transport Services in Raipur -

We assure our client that car transport in Raipur is much safer and secure in every single aspect in case you have to get your car delivered long distance. If you with us, then you don’t need to take any risk of driving the car. Our skilled and well trained drivers do this on behalf of you.

•  Car Moving Services in Raipur

With our unique and exclusive Car moving services, we perfectly help in transporting your car from one place to another securely and safely without making any damage on the car

•  Bike transportation service:

At LogisticGuru, we are involving in providing the best Bike Transportation Services in Raipur to our entire customer who wants it. With years of experience in this field, our Bike Transportation Services are rendered dedicated and skilled professional and crews. They also possess the commendable knowledge, training and skill in this field. So we are the leading bike transportation service provider in Raipur and surrounding are.

•  Home relocation service:

LogisticGuru is also one of the top packers and movers in Raipur who offer a hands-on solution to the customers. We are also the best home relocation service in Raipur that is safe, well-timed and reliable relocation service. LogisticGuru the reliable Packers and Mover Raipur is backed by dedicated team of trained workers who make use of this skill in proper way when it comes to getting home relocation service carried out with ease.

Our Vision & Mission: Vision:

At LogisticGuru, we are one of the most preferred as well as logistics partner in Raipur who serve the service to all served and underserved territories of India that enable us to change the quality of life by adopting environmentally sustainable ways.


We always try to meet all the expectation and demand of our customers in their personal and professional needs. We generally do the work by offering innovative supply-chain solutions of car transport via road, air and water. With our well trained professional, we always decrease the inefficiencies in freight management to provide maximum hard and soft savings.

Premium car transport agency in India

At LogisticGuru, our team is extremely attentive to keep the car movement on schedule safely and securely with the utmost care. Even a dedicated team is always available to explain to you everything regarding car transport. If you hire us for Vehicle Transport in Rohini then you will be experiencing some of the significant advantages include

  • On-time pickup and drop facility
  • Transparency assurance
  • We give back the car in the condition we get it
  • You can easily track your car from anywhere with the help of GPS devices
  • You can keep the keys with you so that no one can misuse your vehicle
  • Customer care support to provide you peace of mind
  • It's been more than seven years we are in this industry, so your car is in safe hands
  • We have well-maintained trucks to move your car safely
Our assurance:

Our high-quality car transportation service assures the customers that the entire process of car and bike moving is done ultra-care at every step. We guarantee that our customers can get 100% stress-free and damage-free transport. So it is confirmed that you are always stress free with us. This is our assurance to our customer to provide high quality and error free services.

The whole transportation process at LogisticGuru, the renowned Car Carrier in Raipur, is executed by well-disciplined and trained people. The cars can be transported with open car carriers or closed containers. Experts suggest that open containers are ideal for short distance moving, and closed body containers are perfect for long distances. If you want to affordable service then you need to go with open containers. This is not true that, open container means you car will misplace during the transportation. No matter what type of container you choose, your car will be locked properly on every container. The difference is enclosed containers protect the car from any environment element mainly water and rain, because it enclose the car completely. But open containers cannot.

To the best vehicle transport in Raipur, our main focus is client satisfaction. We are intended to make strong customer relationship. We offer the service like Warehouse, Insurance and Road Survey on our customers' demands that ensure entire stress-free car transportation service. Customer feedback is the main weapon that helps us to keep providing the best service. In most cases, we have received positive review because most of the customers are happy with our service.

LogisticGuru, the best car transport in Raipur, provides the vehicle moving service for a wide range of bikes and cars in all parts of Raipur and out of Raipur at very competitive rates. In case of any queries, you can call us anytime and anywhere on our toll free number; we have 24*7 customer care service where our executives are proactive to reply all of your questions.

What You Can Expect From Car Transport Companies

Most of the customers want to get delivered their car right to their home. But they need to remember it requires some special planning and special procedure; only LogisticGuru, the renowned car shipping in Raipur, has this capacity. We generally offer door-to-door service that can be a major advantage for all who need it. But we also the pickup and drop-off point, so we can serve those customer who want the service like terminal to terminal.

Our team professionals have enough knowledge about the importance of orderly shifting the car from one destination to another. Car transportation is different from residence relocation; it needs proper and expert assistance. We have the ability to assist corporate, private, mid and small scale car transport. The team member has been trained and skilled to ship the car in time and without doing any damage. And we also use modern and updated equipment and exact process of transporting. Empathy is our company's nature, so we always empathize that any loss can lead to big damage.

Our ethic of transportation
  • We ship your vehicle shifting by following a planned execution of systems
  • We always try to plan everything in advance, and through that way, the briefing is given to the client in advance.
  • We never let our customers to arise any question or doubt of damage or loss in mind
  • Our clients are assured to get a damage-free transportation
  • Our Vehicle shifting process is boosted by relocation specialist, dedicated and expert team, knowledgeable drivers, enclosed containers, and skilled and expert loading & unloading crew

So, you can hire this renowned car transport in Raipur to make your Vehicle shift process error and problem free with precision and intact transit.

Here are some effective factors that you should consider while hiring the LogisticGuru-

•  The right equipment-

We always believe in using the high quality equipment for helping us properly. It is important that the vehicle we are using to transport your car has hard-sided and completely enclosed to protect the car from dust, wind, rain, and harsh weather.

•  Safe loading and unloading-

Safe loading and unloading are also crucial for running the transport business smoothly. Our carrier trucks are equipped with hydraulic lift gates that allow loading and unloading the vehicle smoothly without causing any damage. The lift gates facilitate the lifting of the car.

•  Expert team:

we have an excellent team with experienced, skilled, expert team members. They know very well how to maintain good customer relationships and deliver any car to the right place on the proper date without any damage. Our loading and unloading crews are also experts who make the loading and unloading process smoothly and securely.

•  Separate Car Carrier

We at LogisticGuru understand that car is something personal and great affection to its owners that involves many car owners' emotions. So any small mistake can cause damage to the car. So we try to provide a hassle-free move of cars during the transportation which is extremely easy, cost-effective and risk-free.

For a quick, safe, and rapid movement of the vehicle, we offer the "Car Carrier" services to both individual and corporate customers. Car is one of the most prized possessions, so it needs to be safely and effectively transferred from one place to another.

We are one of the most proficient car carriers in Janakpuri dealing in car transport services. We have separate car carriers that keep your car enclosed inside it so that it does not get damaged while transporting. The transit time usually depends on the distance between pickup and delivery point. Our carrier usually maintains speed up to 40 – 50 KM/HR, which is really excellent to avoid any accident or mishap during transit.

Here are some fantastic advantages of hiring car relocation service providers:
No mileage accumulated

If you want to drive on your own to the Raipur's desired destination, possibly a huge amount of mileage would be covered by you. You have to stop to relax or rest and probably search for a hotel for an overnight stay. You may face some unforeseen eventualities during the long drive. It would be stressful or physically tiring for you. You need to pay for fuel a couple of times because you cannot make the car tank empty and pay toll taxes. It would be a wastage of valuable time and hard to earn money. Hiring the LogisticGuru helps you save time, energy, money, and car mileage, which is really a great option?

•  The car reaches its destination well in time.

We have professional and experienced drivers and a dedicated team familiar with the road map of Raipur and other areas. They know all the shortest routes that help us to run a smooth delivery process at the right destination in time. LogisticGuru, the renowned Car shipping in Raipur, makes sure that your car reaches the address safely without any problem.

•  Hassle-Free Car Relocation Service

If you are searching for a convenient and straightforward way to shift or relocate, you go with trusted Car Carrier services of this area, and LogisticGuru is the best option for you. We have the capacity to make your car relocation process hassle-free and stress-free. After reaching the destination, you do not stress your car, which has been handed over to us for shifting.

•  Enables car to be tracked using GPS services

LogisticGuru, the reputed car carrier in the Raipur, always uses modern techniques like GPS so that our customers and we can track where their car is at all times. All our branches are fully computerized as well as networked with each other with the online mechanism. So the client can contact us via the toll-free telephone number or by email.

•  No scratches, dents, or damage to finish and paint

At LogisticGuru, we always ensure your Car from Raipur's safe delivery, Raipur to other cities or states of India without causing any scratches, dents, and damages on the car.

•  Insurance covered and liability accepted by LogisticGuru.

Accidents and unforeseen mishaps are very common anywhere and anytime when your car is on the road. So in case of any damage on the car when your car on the LogisticGuru, then we are ready to take the responsible all type. We always believe that customers should not carry the burden of damage or losses. We compensate clients through car insurance coverage. So that we are proving HDFC ERGO Insurance

•  Get Premium Service from Host of Licensed Inter Raipur Car Carriers

LogisticGuru is the perfect destination for the customer who wants best car shipping in Raipur. We operate a network all across the country. We have thousands of authorized, licensed, and insured trucks and trailers to carry cars so that we can deliver approx 10,000 CAR and 15,000 BIKE successfully.

Frequent asked question:

•  How to find right Car Transport Raipur at affordable price?

Finding the right car transport company to move your personal car is a problematic but crucial job. Most people are not sure how to find a good transport company.

In this article, you can be assisted to find out a trustworthy car transport company Raipur. When looking for the best car transporter, you should think about the following factors including Price, pick and delivery, insurance. The most important thing that you need to consider while finding right car carrier in Raipur is how much the company is going to charge for their transportation service.

You have to avoid the transportation company who are too expensive. You have to find out car Transport Company at affordable price.

•  How Can We Transport Car Door to Door Services?

Yes we can provide door to door car transport service which is really a great way to get your car delivered at door step of your home quickly. To get the door to door car transport services, you should contact with us and submit your quarry. Then we will arrange the things according to your needs.

•  How to booking in LogisticGuru for Car Transport?

delivered to the new destination safely and securely. With LogisticGuru, you no need to worry about the paperwork or other problem when you select us. You can book our service online from anywhere or any place in the world. You can book for both private and commercial cars shipping. LogisticGuru’s professional staffs take care your car properly so that you don't have to.

•  How Long Before the Car Has to Be Picked Up and Asked for Transport?

How long will it take you to get the car back from the car transport company? It depends on the distance between pick up and drop point, varies from person to person and depends on where you live. But generally, the time between picking up the vehicle and completing the return process will vary depending on where you are.

•  What is the transporting method that Logistic buddies follow?

A: LogisticGuru uses the safe way to safely move it, like flatbed trucks, enclosed trailers, car carriers, and other customized options. When you decide to move your car to another place through us as the best a car transporter in Chattarpur, you have to receive the company's inspection report. Through these documents, you can get various information like receiving and delivery information, condition of your car, current mileage, etc.

•  Why We Should Employ LogisticGuru Car Transport in Raipur?

Employ LogisticGuru, the renowned Car Transport in Raipur for getting reliable, trusted and on-time pick-up and drop-off services. We are trustworthy and experienced company that is known in all over the Raipur for providing quality and timely services.

We hold a dedicated team of experienced and skilled drivers who are punctual and professional to provide you with impeccable services. Our carriers are well equipped with latest technologies by which we can offer you with the best on-time delivery services. Additionally, we also offer storage facility for your vehicles in Raipur.

•  What LogisticGuru Offer for You?

We have a strong network of 70 destinations all over the country, so we can easily provide the best car shifting in Raipur with 24*7 customer support. Our Well-trained professionals ensure all aspects of relocating. If you keep in contact with our customer support executive, you can get a smooth-shifting process from pick up to delivery process.

•  How does car transportation works?

Most of the good Car transport companies work on the basis of car type and destination distance. Mainly two type of container is used for car transportation

•  Open container:

Car transport through Open container is definitely an affordable method to shift the car. It is advised by the expert that to select the Open container for transporting your car for short distance shifting. You don’t worry about that the car will be locked and transported to the allotted destination.

•  Closed Container:

The closed containers are extremely safe to transport a car, because in this container it will be packed and locked perfectly. That’s why it is quite expensive than other container. In the same container more than 4 to 6 cars will be loaded and then transport to the destination. This closed container will be extremely safe during the rainy season

•  How the LogisticGuru save your time?

Hiring LogisticGuru, the renowned car shipping in Dhaula Kaun, is a time-saving option. When you decide to hand over your vehicle to us, you are really gifting yourself enough time. How much time it totally depends on how far you're moving; that might be hours, a day, or even a week. This time you can use it differently, including arrangements for shifting, tie up loose ends, making last-minute checking, or saying goodbye to the neighbors.

•  What’s the price of transport a car?

The average cost of shifting a car will vary from on the basis of destination distance. It also depends on the road, car model and other various factors.

•  How LogisticGuru remove stress of long distance driving your question?

A: Long-distance driving is very stressful, and it can also create a few headaches. Most of the time, it doesn't matter that how far you love to drive. When you drive a car for sifting, it will make anxiety inside you because it will work in your brain that you have to settle in a new place, which creates anxiety inside you. Hiring an expert Car Transport in Rohini like LogisticGuru allows you to relax, chill out, read, watch movies in movies, take phone calls, or allow for sleep, which is much needed in this hectic time.

•  How much time to take transporters for delivering the car?

The car delivery totally depends on the distance of the place. It mostly depends on the place to place from pickup point to delivery point distance and the speed of the transport carrier. Other factors like road conditions, order situation, law, time policy of the company climate etc also decide the delivery timing. The average time that usually taken by the transport companies to deliver a car would been between 2 and 5 days.

•  How do you transport a car for long distance?

To transport your car for long distance, one of the safest ways that we always prefer is enclosed truck that protects your car from external environmental factors.

•  What’s, is the affordable and cheapest option to transport a car?

A: The cheapest way to move your car through the road is an open container. The transportation through open type container provides the proper safety and guarantee to deliver your car on proper pickup timing.

•  Is LogisticGuru a professional option?

A: In Raipur and the surrounding area, it is rare for any family to have only one car these days because having one car is not enough for a big family. So having more than one car is essential. While moving to a new residence, maybe within the country or outside the country, transporting cars can make a genuine problem for car owners. Now almost everything has a solution. The simplest way to remove this problem is to hire a professional Vehicle transport in Raipur like LogisticGuru. We have a dedicated team of experts, a strong transportation management system, a well-designed carrier, car transport trucks with harnesses and slots enclosed etc.

•  Does LogisticGuru get extra to transport the big-sized vehicle than small size car?

A: If it is a big-sized vehicle like a truck, you need to pay more than transporting a small car to LogisticGuru.

•  Does LogisticGuru get extra for delivering the car on the doorstep?

A: If you want to receive your car right at the terminal or any other defined location, it can be a cheaper option for you. Or if you intend to get delivered at your doorstep, then we charges extra.

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