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Car Transport In Pune

When someone decides to relocate somewhere from Pune, The first question that comes to your mind is how you will do relocation, because shifting is not an easy task. And if you have one or more cars then it is more of a problem to relocate. Some people think that they drive the car for shifting to their desired location. If you are thinking of relocating within the city, it will be easier to drive. But if you have to go out of the state, you must take the help of a professional carrier service. So it really a smart decision to hire a reliable and professional car transport in pune by which you can move your car desired location safely that allows you to save a lot of uncertainty and stress..

We at Logistic Guru can provide the fastest delivery of cars and many other vehicles safely and at affordable price. We are working as a best car carrier in Pune since 2013. Not only the Pune, we are providing our service in all over the world. The customers are ensured to get the smooth and hassle free shifting service which is our amazing fact. Logistic Guru can be the reliable logistic partner for vehicles and car transport in Pune. We are one of the leading vehicles shifting company in Pune Since then car transportation services have not gained much popularity in our country. Under the company, we provide complete, safe and secure door to door car transportation service with our special containers are design to transport vehicle only. At Logistic Guru, we offer the time saving, quick and reliable services at most economical prices. These things make us the pioneer car carrier in Pune.

Logistic Guru is a versatile company, offer so much that the customer cannot imagine. we offer various types of service that customers can access to get stress free relocation. Out of other service, our car transportation is really unique that can already satisfied huge amount of customers in all over the India. We always assured damage free, time saving and quick car shifting services. With our trained and experienced staff and fleet of car carriers, we can maintain safe and timely delivery anywhere in India from Pune.

Key Highlights of Our car Transport Services:
  • We offer safe and secured car transportation through covered car carrier containers
  • Luxury, classic, Vintage and sports car shifting through single car carrier closed containers
  • Door Collection and Door Delivery.
  • We offer the Door Collection and Door Delivery of the car
  • We are able to provide transit Insurance & Door to Door Insurance.
  • What it is all about

    Typically our car transport in Pune revolves around moving car from Pune to other state or city in India. Whether it is new car or old car, you can get same attention for all types of vehicle from us. If you have to go outside of Pune for job purpose, and then you need to relocate your car on same destination. What our company is doing for you is to transport it to the desired destination. We do this maintaining the easy and effective way and pocket friendly price. We also import car to Pune from other client destination. Not only that, we are the most preferred car shifting service provider to the Car dealer. They usually hire our car moving service for bring the newly manufacturing car from the manufacture point to dealer point in Pune. We are also involve in corporate moving.

    • We provide our Services in all over the India
    • We believe in 100% Transparency so you provide the detailed tracking & reporting to all
    • You can get our service at competitive price with unmatched and unparallel customer service.
    • Close boundary Car Parking
    • Safe and Fast Door to Door Service Vehicle Transportation
    • Accept Credit / Debit Card, online payment, Banking.
    • We have large Team of trained, Skilled and experienced Experts
    • Transporting Vehicles since 2013.
    Mercedes Benz Car Transport In Pune
    Audi Car Transport In Pune
    BMW Car Transport In Pune
    Jaguar Car Transport In Pune
    Toyota Car Transport In Pune
    Volkswagen Car Transport In Pune
    Honda Car Transport In Pune
    Ford Car Transport In Pune
    Nissan Car Transport In Pune
    Hyundi Car Transport In Pune
    Kia Car Transport In Pune
    Renault Car Transport In Pune
    Maruti suzuki Car Transport In Pune
    TATA Car Transport In Pune
    Skoda Car Transport In Pune
    Datsun Car Transport In Pune
    MG Hector Car Transport In Pune
    Fiat Car Transport In Pune
    Mitsubishi Car Transport In Pune
    Mahindra Car Transport In Pune
    Why you need our service:
    • If you choose our professional Car Transport in Pune, You can be completely safe, because they handle the transport job with dedicated team of professionals who know very well how to shift a car efficiently and professionally.
    • At LogisticGuru, the best car shifting company in Pune always believes in providing to their customer a friendly approach while delivering their service.
    • With years of experience and skilled team members, We believe in provide superior service with high quality equipment and technique.
    • We also offer their client elementary mode of payment systems that completely suits the customers requirement.
    • We also believe in timely execution of work, because client satisfaction and make their customer happy is their main aim.
    • We also offers some best service like car shifting, car moving services, car transport, corporate car transport, car carrier etc at budget friendly price, so their clients are complete happy with the company.
    • They also offer the competitive rate for each service that they usually provide to their customers.

    We are professional and expert solver who can solve all your problems related to the vehicle transport. We can do the entire job related to relocating a car to a new location including Packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. With strong and huge business network of 70 destinations nationwide, we offer timely Car delivery by following the safe vehicle shipping process to help the customers who want to shift their personal vehicle and also help in corporate relocation. With a team of proactive and proficient well trained professionals, we can perfectly executing the services. By keeping the cultural values of maintaining the quality service, we maintain our reputation for long time.

    At Logistic Guru, we serve our customers a customized service along with regular packing and moving; relocating and shifting with our specialized and personalized car carrier trailer. Our all service are specially designed to help customers accustom with secure transportation of the vehicles in the carrier trailers with perfect weather conditioning along with right ventilation control. With our various service you can choose the service according to your budget.

    The reputation and image of our company is so large. We at Logistic Guru, the renowned car shifting in Pune maintain the commitment of not letting down on our clients. So, we have tried to incorporate specialized placement manpower efforts by using high quality packaging material and top class technology in car delivery. This is our promise; we always try to will achieve top success in car transfer and vehicle transfer category.

    The benefits of choosing us:

    If you choose Logistic Guru, you can see there are lots of advantages that you can enjoy like our other clients. These adventures are derived from the way our service designed and structured. Here are benefits:

    • Door-to Door delivery: This is our best features among other services. From the pickup point we transport the car safely and securely through an enclosed car carrier to the drop off point at all times. You have to provide us proper address, you will be assured that you car will be delivered on that address on time.
    • Safe deliveries: Our Company always ensures that we deliver your car at your door step safely and securely and the car can be delivered in the best condition. This is the nature of all customers, that they will never hear any excuse about the damage of car if it is occurred during the transportation. At Logistic Guru, we have invested in purchasing high quality ropes and belt that our loading crew uses to tie the vehicle chassis while transport it on trailer. We also use the powerful locks that are used in locking car perfectly.
    • Timely deliveries: we never miss deadline, maintain proper schedule is our ethics that make us the renowned car shifting in Pune. We generally provide 95% assurance on timely delivery, because there are possibilities to face any mishap or accident when your car is in road. On that case, we may miss the deadline. So we cannot provide 100% assurance.
    • The best prices: After getting the quarries from us, we provide the free quotes by which you can compare our price and get the best price from us. Our service of car shipping in Pune is reasonable that all type of people can avail it.
    • QUICK BOOKING: After sharing your all car relocation details, you can instantly get the Quote from our expert; after that, you can finalize your deal easily.
    • Professional HandymenSince our inception, we maintained a dedicated team with experienced, skilled, and trained who are 100% trusted and verified from all aspects.
    • Inspection report: After handed over the car to, you can get the first inspection report about the present condition of the car. After delivery, we will give the 2nd car inspection report where there is mention of the condition of the car after delivery. Our main motive is safe and secure relocation process.
    • 24/7 Services:We provide 24 x 7 assistance with proactive customer care executive to all our customers. They can reach us any time while your entire moving process is executing.
    • Insurance: You must ensure that your car is insured against any types of damage by the car transporter during shifting. You can demand a copy of the insurance to know the kind of coverage. You have to ensure whether the insurance offered by the company is primary or secondary. Our full transport process is covered by HDFC ERGO Insurance Logistic Guru provides the insurance which can be applied very easily.
    Choosing a professional car Transport in Pune like Logistic Guru

    In Pune, it is rare for any family to have only one car these days because having one car is not enough for their busy schedule. So having more than one car is essential. While moving to a new residence, maybe within the country or outside the country, transporting cars can make a genuine problem for car owners. Now almost everything has a solution. The simplest way to remove this problem is to hire a professional Vehicle transport in Pune like Logistic Guru.

    Car Transportation service provided by Logistic Guru are pocket friendly. We can accept any challenging transportation job of a car from one distance to another. We focus All types customer. That's why we designed our service in a way that everyone can afford. Logistic Guru has more than 8 years experience in this industry. This is the great benefit of the company as we are able to make a huge client base in all over the India. We always ready to provide all the legal paper to make this transportation process hassle free. You have to mail us with your requirement in our registered e-mail ID and you will receive the customized quote accordingly and instantly.

    We at the Logistic Guru render the best service for car carrier in Pune at an affordable rate and timely services which include:

    • Car Carriers services
    • Bike transport
    • Car Transport
    • Corporate car moving
    • Car shifting for Dealer
    • Warehouse Services
    Process of car shipping:

    Internet is flooded with information about the car transport company in Pune. If timely shipping your first consideration then you have to choose the Logistic Guru. If you choose us then you have to be very careful about our process of car shifting. So it is important to collect proper information about us by which you will get the safe and secure transport your Car one place to another destination.

    Step 1 – Submit Your Transporting Information

    First you have to proper research to get the best service providers. Internet research is the best option to collect the proper information about best car transport in Pune.


    After choosing Logistic Guru, you have to enter all information into the vehicle transport quote generator which you find on our on the quote page. Before submitting it, you have to Double-check to ensure accuracy of the entries. After submitting, you can get free quotes from us, by which you can compare the price.

    Step 2 – Placing order

    After that, you need to open the order's website link. It is time to place an order. You need to click on a specific space. After placing the order, you need to prepare your car for transportation. You need to ensure that the car's running condition. You can find the different area of the operable or inoperable vehicle on the vehicle transport quote. Also, open transport or enclosed transports are in another field in the quote.

    Step 3 – assigning a carrier

    Then, you have to choose the car carrier from the list on our website. Once you have selected our car career according to your needs, after that you can receive an email that will inform you of the pickup and delivery dates. After choosing us, it will be assured that your work will be done maintaining the proper schedule.

    Step 4 – your car is in transit.

    You can get the message from our car carrying a minimum of 2-hour priors to pick up. At that time, you can get the idea about the proper timing of pick up. After arrival for pick up, you can get the car inspection report, and then the car will be loaded onto the carrier. Now your vehicle is officially in transit. You have to make the advance payment on the pickup location to the representative of the company.

    Step 5 – The Final Step Is Receiving Your Car at Its Destination

    Our representative can contact you an hour or two hours before arrival at the delivery destination. After unloading the car on place, another inspection report and bill can be delivered after delivery is confirmed. If the inspection is approved, you have to make the final payment to the carrier in cash or online using a credit or debit card.

    Why we stand out in Car transport in Pune

    There are lots of cars Transport Company that offer car shipping service In Pune. There are various reason that why we stand out among the crowd of our company:

    • We are ISO certified:ISO certification is extremely important certificate for any organization which shows that the organization meets international slandered in term of quality of their service. This government approves certificate support the fact that we offer the best quality car transport service in all over the India.
    • We always follow industry standard set: in the car transport industry, there you can find numerous set standards that every company wants to achieve. At Logistic Guru, we already achieve that stander without failing. This is the reason, why our career graphs are rising day by day.
    • We are able to transport any type of vehicle: all company cannot do this. Even so for us, we have put in place the facilities that allow us to transport every type of car and other vehicle.
    • We try to offer the best service: we use both open and enclosed car transportation. If required then we ship your car in a completely enclosed carrier. We know very well that this will be exposed of the world, so that the car will be delivered at your door step in an excellent condition.
    Services We Provide
    • Car Carrier Service We are keeping track of the newest development in the car transport industry, so we are able to give reliable and trustworthy car carrier services to clients of Okhla by ensuring quick as well as systematic execution of car moving services based on the needs of the customer. Our car shifting in Okhla will help us to transport your vehicle to the desired destination securely without driving.
    • Car Shifting The best thing about hiring Logistic Guru is that you can get the best transport job that will be executed entirely by expert professionals. They take utmost care while shifting your car professionally to the new home without making single wear and tear. We offer a free quote for car shipping in Okhla so that you can get the best service at the best rate.
    • Car Transport Services Vehicle transport services are safe and secure in every aspect while transporting cars to longer distances because with us you need not take the risk of driving your car to long distances. That’s why we are most preferred by the car dealer of Pune who want to bring the newly manufactured car to their dealer point. With the advent of internet, online shopping has now become very easy. Like other thing, you can also purchase cars from shopping portals; you don't need to be present on the showroom or distribution point. After completing the purchase procedure, you can hire us as a logistic partner to take delivery of the car at your door step, it is assured that you will receive your car in brand new condition.
    • Car Moving ServicesWith unmatched car moving services, we can assist our customers in moving their car to the new destination safely and securely without causing any damage to the car in transit.
    • Bike shifting: we are also best bike transport in Pune; we know the value of your bike, so we offer the greatest care in transportation of your bike from Pune to other cities. For transporting the bike, we have in house specialized department consisting the skilled and experienced staff. We also have more than 8 years of experience in providing the service like bike transportation. Our ISO certification re-assured you the safe bike relocation.
    Before starting the transportation:

    Logistic Guru is a renowned vehicle transport in Pune that treads on excellent moral, ethical and professional ground. Our main motive is to provide quality service and make the customers satisfied.

    • Investigate the state of carit is a very crucial to avoid any disagreement and confusion after delivery the car. Our well experience and well skilled staff always take a look at the car and check its condition thoroughly. If they notice any issues, they will note it down and communicate with company and car owner.
    • Confirm the ownership of the carCar transport companies sometimes get themselves into trouble with the authorities because their vehicles have to be taken out of state in different places. To avoid any types of problems, we need to confirm the ownership of the car. Car owner have to submit all documents of the car. Before going to transport, we verify all the documents.
    • Provision of delivery information and paymentsbefore car leaves for destination, we will need accurate information about the delivery address. We need to confirm the payment after delivery.
    Frequently asked question:

    •  How do Logistic Guru transport a car in India?

    There are varieties of the procedure to transport the Car in India. Most reliable, realistic and dependable is through by road. Logistic Guru, the renowned car transport in Pune are committing to doorstep delivery. But India is a big country, railways and other means of transport cannot cover the door to door delivery. Only road transport can cover it and ensures you need not move one inch from home. If you hire professional car shipping in Noida, you can get door-to-door delivery.

    •  How do Logistic Guru transport a car in India?

    •  Does Logistics buddy provide lots of transportation options?

    A: We, the best Vehicle transport in Pune, generally provide more than one transport option, including enclosed transport, open transport, door to door transport. You have to find out the options that are suited to your needs. Because every people have different needs, we have all the options, just to find you.

    •  How many days before the customer need to inform us for car transportation?

    At Logistic Guru, we ways try to provide best, safe and secured car transportation. We donot want to make customer unhappy or dissatisfied. It is informed to our entire customer that they should inform us at least 24 hours before the shifting date. it helps them to avoid the last-time hassle.

    •  How does the car get transported?

    A: If you hire Logistic Guru, you will be ensured that your car will safely be enclosed in trucks while moving to other places. These car transport trucks have harnesses and slots enclosed with it to ensure the cars or other vehicles are transported safely. Some lesser know companies drive the car while moving it from one place to another; it is not secure for the car. In this process, it may face an accident or criminal activity.

    •  Is Logistic Guru reliable?

    We are ISO certified company. The ISO certification is extremely important certificate for any organization which shows that the organization meets international slandered in term of quality of their service. This government approves certificate support the fact that we offer the best quality car transport service in all over the India.

    •  How much time to take Logistic Guru to deliver the car to the new destination?

    A: The delivery time of Logistic Guru, the renowned service of car shifting in Pune depends on the delivery destination. It mostly depends on the distance of pickup point to delivery point and also the speed of the transported car. Besides the factors like road conditions, order situation, and low of the company, the work time policy of the car shifting company climate and other various factors decide the delivery timing. An average time taken by the vehicle transport agencies to deliver a car would be taken just between 4 and 6 days.

    •  • What type of documents do you need for transporting a car through Logistic Guru?

    A: The documents are: 1. Customer name 2. ID proof 3. Which type of car needs to be transported? 4. Model number of the car 5. Expect to Pick up and date

    •  Does LogisticGuru give money back if he can do the job or not?

    A: LogisticGuru is extremely are understandable and logical regarding their pickup and delivery process that assures their customer that they will return the customer's money in case of any mishap likes damage or loss of the vehicle. Make sure it could be mentioned on the agreement paper.

    •  Does Logistics buddy provide contract agreements to its customers?

    A: If you want to hire a professional Car carrier in Rohini, you have to avoid any company's verbal promises. You should ask them to write everything on a white paper or court paper. In this case, Logistic Guru is the best option. They provide a contract agreement where plenty of clauses are written in the sheet that the company has to pay if your car cannot be delivered within the specified time. It will also mention that you will have to pay some penalty if you cancel the contract after a specific time.

    •  Does Logistic Guru get the full payment in advance? • Does Logistic Guru get the full payment in advance?

    A: No, we don’t ask for full payment in advance, we ask some amount after confirming the order.

    •  Does Logistic Guru get extra for delivering the car on the doorstep?

    A: If you want to receive your car right at the terminal or any other defined location, it can be a cheaper option for you. Or if you intend to get delivered at your doorstep, then we charges extra.

    •  How Logistic Guru make you stress free while transporting the car

    Long-distance driving is very stressful, and it can also create a few headaches. Most of the time, it doesn't matter that how far you love to drive. When you drive a car for sifting, it will make a anxiety inside you because it will work in your brain that you have to settle in a new place, which creates anxiety inside you. Hiring an Logistic Guru, the renowned Car Transport in Pune allow you to choose your option like taking flight, train or bus and also allows you to relax, chill out read, watch movies in movies, take phone calls, or allow for sleep, which is much needed in this hectic time. So you can arrive at your destination with great refreshment.

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