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Car Transport in Kanpur

Car Transport In Kanpur

Have you made up your mind regarding getting shifted to a new place? If yes, then you must be in need of hiring a service provider of vehicle transport. If you are a resident of Kanpur, then you do not need to go outside of your city now. Yes, you will be glad to know that LogisticsGuru is now available in Kanpur with the most amazing logistic services.

LogisticsGuru is one of the popular service providers of car transport in Kanpur. The team available at LogisticsGuru is highly enthusiastic and passionate about providing the best services of vehicle moving and transport to the clients. Till now, more than thousands of clients have got the services and are satisfied. If you are also thinking about getting shifted to any other location, then you can choose a LogisticsGuru for the vehicle transport services. The services available at LogisticsGuru will definitely prove to be convenient for you. Also, your shifting requirements will be fulfilled without any complexity. The best part about LogisticsGuru is that the team available here is having the highest skills and experience in handling all types of vehicles. Additionally, transparency and reliability are always available for the clients.

Multiple car transport service available at the LogisticsGuru

In case you are having more than one vehicle to get transported, then also you can choose as. At LogisticsGuru, we’re having more than 5000 of carriers to transport your car from one location to another. In case, you are an automobile manufacturer and willing to transport multiple cars or raw cars to the other parts of the city and country, then also we are available to help you out. When it comes to being the best service provider of car carrier no one can beat us in the market.

Why should you consider LogisticsGuru for vehicle transport in Kanpur?

There are several other service providers of car carrier in Kanpur available, now the question is why should you consider us for the same? Well, we highly understand your concern and that is why we are providing some of the major factors that you should know about us.

  • We always keep the customer satisfaction at our major priority
  • We always work towards maintaining healthy and long relationships
  • We are in this industry from more than seven years and have provided high quality services to thousands of customers
  • We always work towards making your packing shifting and moving requirements easier and convenient
  • We are having a strong network in more than 70 destinations
  • Each and every branch is well connected knew line we have served thousands of clients and till now we have transferred more than 10,000 cars and 15,000 bikes globally
  • We always maintain the deadlines that is why we are having a record of 95% own time delivery
  • We are an IBA approved company
  • We always follow all the guidelines and standards offer best packing and shifting
  • We are having more than 5000 carriers to transport your car from one location to any other
  • Every carrier is equipped with the latest technologies and GPS navigation tracker so that you can easily track the live location of your vehicle
  • Along with all this, we also provide you international shipping service
  • In case you were willing to transport your car or any other vehicle to any foreign country then also you can consider us
  • We are having a huge customer base were satisfied with our services
  • We always keep the safety and securities of your vehicle at priority.
  • We pack your vehicle in the carrier in such a manner that it does not get even a single scratch.
  • Along with other services, we’re also having customer care support so that all your queries can be answered easily
  • Our pricing policies are so convenient and affordable that you will love them
  • We provide you the facility of on-door pick up and drop off

LogisticsGuru is always available to provide you the best and most prominent service in the town. After choosing LogisticsGuru car transport in Kanpur you will not feel dissatisfied.

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We always keep the safety and security at priority

Whenever you shift towards the new location, there are several factors that come in our mind especially related to the safety and security of your vehicle. We highly understand this and always work towards providing you the safety and security concerns. We pack your car in our carrier in such a manner that it does not even experience a single damage or is scratch. Also, we provide you the service of tracking the live location of your vehicle after handing over the keys of your car.

Our vision

We are highly committed to being one of the most cost-effective and reliable providers of logistic services in Kanpur and the country as well. We aimed at providing the best services to the served as well as underserved territories of the country and made a quality change in the life of people. We are always willing to adapt environmentally sustainable methods and make the service is easier and better for the customers.

Our mission

We want to fulfill our clients' demands with the best innovative and transparent services. We always work towards maintaining healthy relationships by providing innovative services. Customer satisfaction is our major priority, and to achieve the same, we use the most innovative supply chain methods, including road, air, and water as well. We are committed to reducing the inefficiencies of freight management and helping our customers to enhance their hard and soft savings.

Why choose us for car transport in Kanpur?

Earlier, it was quite difficult for people to get the most reliable and best service provider of car transport in Kanpur just by meeting once or sending a query online. The task has become simpler and safer as well. You just need to send your online query and our executives will fix up the meeting with you.

Whenever we pay an amount, then we want to get the best in return. This is human nature. Especially when it comes to the safety and security of your vehicle, then each and every step becomes essential to consider. At LogisticsGuru, we always work towards making your car transport experiences smooth and convenient. We understand what your car means to you, and that is why we always work towards maintaining its safety and security.

Either you are getting relocated within the city, or outside the country, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best service so that you do not feel any sort of complexity. Car transport is not an easier process to complete. It takes a lot of experience and patience to handle a particular vehicle with the most safety and security. At LogisticsGuru, we understand the same and work towards maintaining healthy relationships. After choosing us, you will be getting:

  • 24 hours support
  • Pan India moving facilit0079
  • More than seven years of experience
  • Careful handling of your vehicles
  • On the door and on-time delivery
  • Pickup and drop facility
  • Mobile and web application tracking of your vehicle
Our pricing policy is so affordable and convenient

Whenever we shift to a new location, we always want to get the professional help that too at an affordable price. We love to save money in any manner. We at LogisticsGuru, we always work towards helping our clients in saving their hard as well as soft money. Our shifting charges are so convenient and affordable that you will not feel any sort of burden while paying the amount. Also, we understand your shifting requirements.

At an affordable price, we provide you all the packing shifting and moving services with best quality. Even, in the market there are several other car transport service providers available offering you the services at low prices. But in return they are providing you low quality. They do not take care about the safety and security of your car.

Instead of packing your car in the carriers, they drive it on their own, and it leads to risk and damage to your vehicle. At LogisticsGuru, we do not promote such practices and offer you the most convenient and affordable services. We always pack your car in the carriers in such a manner that it does not get even a single scratch. Also we provide you the facility of keeping the car keys with you.

Best customer support available

Along with providing you the car shifting and moving services, we also take care of your queries and questions. That is the main reason; our customer service executives are always available to help you out. If you are having any sort of questions or queries regarding the car transport in Kanpur then you can easily contact the customer care executives and they will be providing you all the answers without any problems. Also, after handing over your car to us you can contact the executives and ask them questions related to the delivery as well. Even after getting your car transported to your location if you find any sort of mishappening or damage to your car then also you can contact the executives and file your complaint regarding the same. We will always be available to provide you the best quality services and solve all your issues as well.

Car moving company to rely upon:

The service of car transport in Kanpur is not only available for commercial purposes but official use as well. If you are having a lot of vehicles to get transported then also you can contact us. We are having more than 5000 carriers are available with GPS trackers. We will transport or ship your vehicles in the exact condition you hand them to us. We have the network distribution over pan India.

Nowadays, there are several car moving companies available in the market which offers cheap price facilities for Car Shifting in Kanpur. People hire them for the sake of money. However, it leads to them to damage or loss sometimes. They, instead of securing the car in trucks, they drive it to the location. But, we do not believe in the same. We ensure to pick up the car and drop it according to the schedule.

It’s high time to get the best car transport service in Kanpur with LogisticsGuru

LogisticsGuru is one of the most leading logistic administrations in the country, providing you the best and instant online transportation services. Whenever it comes about moving your vehicle to any other destination, we are always available to help you out. We are always committed towards providing to the best logistics solutions at affordable prices. Also, the communication system is so effective and convenient that you will not feel any sort of problem while contacting us or sharing your requirements with us. Till now we have served several clients with our services. We are having years of understanding and experience of the market and know-how to provide you the excellent service. Our team is highly skilled and actually they are the backbone of our company. They know how to handle your vehicle and deliver it to your destination without any complexity.

  • We always follow a complete and proper checklist regarding the pickup and drop-off.
  • Apart from this, we also allow our customers to keep the keys of the cars along with them so that they can easily have control over their vehicle.
  • Our transportation vehicles are having GPS-fitted devices that help you in the tracking of your work are anytime from anywhere, just with the help of web and mobile applications.
  • After hiring us, you do not need to worry about the security or safety of your car. We transport your car in the exact condition you hand it to us.
  • You can rely on us and hand over your possession to us without any worries.
  • LogisticsGuru will never make you feel disappointed.
We always meet the deadlines

Along with providing the best quality services, it is also important to maintain the deadlines or timelines. At LogisticsGuru, we always respect the timelines and try to deliver your car according to the given schedules. Till now we have delivered thousands of cars and bikes and our customers are satisfied with us. Also, we are having the track record of 95% on time delivery. Even, before starting up the journey, we go for a road check so that we can use the best route to deliver your car according to the given time. We understand that if you are relocating to a new destination, then you will be in need of your car. That is why we try to deliver it on time without making delays. We always believe in maintaining long term relationship with our clients. We always keep each and every factor into consideration while completing the transportation process including the guidelines.

What process do we follow for Vehicle transport in Kanpur?

When we want to get the car delivered to a particular location, there are a lot of factors that hit our minds. We always have doubts about the company and their services. In order to clear your doubts, here we are going to share the process we follow for the car carrier in Kanpur.

  • Our process starts with connecting with you. First of all, you need to contact us at the given mobile number, or you can also visit our branch. Additionally, you can use our query box given.
  • Our executive discusses all the details of your relocation and then creates a quotation and documentation regarding the same.
  • The documentation and the quotation gets sent to you at the email id provided
  • Once you pay the amount for car transport in Kanpur, then our executive visits your doorstep on the pickup date.
  • Before picking up your car, our team members make a checklist having details about the current condition of your car, including the wear and tear and damage.
  • Each and every detail about your car, including all the existing damages, will be mentioned in the checklist.
  • Thereafter your car will be picked up for delivery.
  • According to the scheduled date and time, your car will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Even at the time of delivery, the executive will let you check each and every part of your car so that you can feel relaxed about the condition.
  • Also, at the time of pickup and delivery, it is necessary for you to be present at the location.
Reliable and systematic car logistic services available:

Nowadays, more and more people are relocating from one city, state or even the country. Along with the other household goods, they also want to relocate their cars. Along with the number of people relocating, the Car Carrier In Kanpur is also increasing in the few years. Now, while choosing a company for car transport in Kanpur, a person is having a lot of options available.

However, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to understand that you are making the right choice or not. There are several companies of car transport in Kanpur offering cheap price services. In return, the individuals are getting scams and frauds. In some cases, the executive drives the car on their own and delivers it to the mentioned address. They do not pack it in the loaded trucks or any other cartons. This leads to damage to the car. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right company for Car Shifting In Kanpur.


We are always committed to providing the best services to our clients. Our reliability and transparency have made us one of the best car service providers in town. While dealing with the clients, we get to answer different questions related to pricing, transport, and others. On the basis of our experiences, here we are providing some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. These questions will definitely help in solve solving your several doubts.

•  Are you a broker, carrier, or auto Transport Company?

We are a trusted auto Transport Company working in this industry for more than 7 years. We have served our clients with the best logistic services.

•  Does the company having a license and registered or not?

Yes, we are having a legal license to transport your over vehicle from one location to another, either that is local or region-wise or another country. We are registered and an IBA approved company working to fulfill the requirements of our clients. Talking to the registration, we are An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 39001:2012 Certified Company

•  What are the exact services provided by you?

We provide all the logistics services include in packing, shifting and moving of your household is tough and vehicles as well.

•  Are your prices affordable?

Along with the professional services of car carrier in Kanpur, we are also highly dedicated to helping you and saving your money. Yes, our pricing policy is so convenient and easy that you will not feel any burden while paying the amount. We understand how important it is for you to save some amount, especially at the time of shifting. Also, everyone wants to get efficient and effective logistic services at reasonable prices. Considering all, here we are with the most affordable pricing policies for all.

•  Are there any restrictions on the type of vehicles they ship to the destinations?

No, there are no such restrictions imposed. Either you are willing to transport a single car or multiple vehicles, we got you covered for each and every requirement. Also, we are having special services for luxury car transport

•  I want to transport my car outside the country. Do you have services regarding the same?

Yes, LogisticsGuru provides you the service of getting your car transported outside India. We follow all the international packing and shifting standards to make your experience amazing. Our Logistic services are available for all. So, you are relocating in the city, state or to any other country, you can contact us and we will be there to help you out.

•  Is the auto shipping quotation free to get?

You can get the quotation after meeting our executives. The price to be paid will depend upon the meeting fixed. For further details you can contact our customer support executive

•  Is there any sort of hidden charge included?

No, there are no such hidden charges or additional charges imposed by us. We will mention each and everything in the quotation.

•  Will there be any additions later?

No, no additions will be there. We will keep each and everything transparent to you and provide you exact details regarding the transportation and shipping.

•  Is it important to be present at the time of pickup and delivery?

Yes, it is essential for you to be present at the time of take up and delivery. Without you, the process will not be completed. You will be the signing authority. At the time of pick up our executive will give you the landing bill and at the time of delivery you have to be therefore presenting the landing bill and sining The Final bill as well.

•  What are the documents required to submit to ship my Car?

You need to submit your address details, you consent letter, your ID proof and other mandatory documents to get your car shipped two other location for stop

•  What will be the pickup and drop-off locations? Will it be my home or any other outer place?

We provide on door pickup and drop off facility. The executive will pick up the car from your door and deliver it at the address of your new location. We always keep the security factor in mind and that is why provide you the on-door facilities

•  Is there any guarantee you provide regarding the safety and security of my vehicle?

Yes. We at LogisticsGuru are highly committed towards delivering your car with utmost safety. We provide you the service of tracking the live location of your vehicle with the help of GPS trackers installed in our carriers. Also, you can take the contact number of the Transporter and call him whenever you feel like delay in the car transport.

•  Does the company provide proper customer support?

Along with providing the best logistics services, we are also having amazing customer support available for you. You can easily contact our customer support executive and ask them queries related to transport, pricing and other factors as well. Customer support executive service is available for you 24/7.

•  What are the options I have about my shipping timing?

We always ship your vehicle according to the given schedules and timelines. In case, you want to get the delivery a little bit later then we can store it in our warehouse. Our Warehouses are also well equipped with CCTV cameras so that the security of your vehicle can get maintained properly.

•  Which method will be used for transporting my Car?

It depends upon you that what type of method you want us to use for shifting your vehicle. We use all the methods to shift your vehicle to other destinations, including the road, air, and water as well. However, the price of each method will differ.

•  What are your specialties, or why are you the best?

We are in this industry for last more than 7 years and have served thousands of clients with the best logistics services. We understand the importance of keeping the trust and reliability of our customers. If you hire us, you will get the best car shifting and moving services in town. Also, we will keep your car safe and Secure and hand it over to you in the exact condition you hand it to us. Also, we are having a track record of 95% on time delivery we always maintain the deadline and the timelines.

•  What if I have any complaints regarding the service I get?

If after the delivery of your vehicle you are not satisfied with the services, do let us know immediately about the same. We never want that our customers might face any trouble after having services from us, and this let us come up with a solution for every problem. If there is any damage to the vehicle to let us know about it, or if there is something else troubling you, don't feel hesitant to mention it.

•  Tell us about the insurance terms and also what is covered?

We also provide you full insurance coverage. Our services are HDFC ERGO Insurance Covered. In case any sort of damage occurred to your car then we will provide you the coverage regarding the same.

•  What are the payment options available? Do you accept online payments or cash only?

We accept the payments through both online as well as offline mode. Either you can pay in cash or through net banking credit card and debit card as well. We believe in making things easy and convenient for our clients.

•  How will the rate for shipping be calculated?

The rate for shipping gets calculated on the basis of different factors like the distance to be covered, and also the mode of transport we are using to complete the shipment. Along with this, if you are having a luxury car to get transported, then the prices will be different.

At LogisticsGuru, we always work towards maintaining quality and reliability with our customers. We understand the importance of maintaining trust and always work towards the same. If you hire us for car transport in Kanpur then you will not feel dissatisfied at any point in time. We will provide you the best Logistics services in the town at the most prominent prices. Also, we will take care of the factors like transparency and reliability. Being a reliable and efficient Logistic service company in the market we always work towards building strong relations with our clients.

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