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Car Transport In Jammu Kashmir

Shifting to any place, whether it corporate or residential, lots of work and anxiety can be associated with it. Nowadays, car or bike shifting have becomes a debatable concern. Getting the professional shifting Service provider would be the best option. In this situation, you can choose LogisticGuru, the renowned Car Transport in Jammu Kashmir where you can get all services under one umbrella.

LogisticGuru has become popular as one of the best Car Transport Service Providers. We always assure smooth error free and hassle free delivery of your valuable belongings. We always realize the emotional and financial value and dependence on it. We always assure your customers that their vehicle is delivered safely and securely.

Reason for choosing our best and professional car transportation service
  • If you choose the LogisticGuru, professional and best Car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir, You can be completely safe, because we handle the transport job with dedicated team of professionals who know very well how to shift a car efficiently and professionally.
  • LogisticGuru is the best car shifting companies in Jammu and Kashmir always believe in providing to their customer a friendly approach while delivering their service.
  • With years of experience and skilled team members, we believe in provide superior service with high quality equipment and technique.
  • We also offer their client elementary mode of payment systems that completely suits the customers requirement.
  • We also believe in timely execution of work, because client satisfaction and make their customer happy is their main aim.
  • Being as a best Car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir, we offers some best service like car shifting, car moving services, car transport, corporate car transport, car carrier etc at budget friendly price, so their clients are complete happy with the company.
  • We also offer the competitive rate for each service that they usually provide to their customers.

LogisticGuru the renowned car carrier in Jammu Kashmir has been established in 2013 as one of the professional Car moving Service Providers. We always assure our client a smooth and stress free delivery of your precious belongings. Our car shifting services are available across the India. Making our customer completely satisfied is our ultimate goal.

Main Highlights of Our car Transport Services
  • We usually prefer to transport the car through covered car carrier containers
  • Luxury, Sports and Vintage car can be transported through single car carrier closed containers
  • We offer the door to door pick and delivery
  • We offer both Transit Insurance & Door to Door Insurance
Considering LogisticGuru the best Car Transportation Services
  • All India car transport Services provider
  • Offer service with 100% Transparency: Detailed tracking & inspection reporting
  • Competitive and affordable pricing with unmatched customer service.
  • Close boundary Car Parking
  • Safe and Fast Vehicle Transportation
  • Complete Door to Door Service
  • Accept online, net banking and Credit / Debit Card.
  • Large Team of Trained and Skilled Experts, drivers and crews

•  Vision

Our vision is to be the key Logistic partner in all over the India offering a higher quality and professional service.

•  Mission

Our mission is to meet our customers’ demands for personal and professional service and make customers happy by offering innovative transportation solutions through road, air, water as well as certain specialist services to decrease inefficiencies in freight management and furthermore to provide maximum hard and soft savings.

Core Values
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Efficiency
  • Top Quality of service
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Punctuality and Timeliness
  • Decreasing the error
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development of People
  • Avoid the damage
  • Social responsibility and ethics
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Our Corporate policy
  • At LogisticGuru, extremely use of natural resources and high quality raw materials by continuously minimizing the uses of residual products and waste
  • Every team members and professionals are in involved in continuous improvement of customer relationship because we are the best Logistic partners.
  • Every professional is involved in adhering to all rules, laws and regulation as we apply to the vehicle transportation industry.
  • Every professional are involved in constant improving their quality and knowledge about transporting the vehicle from one place to another safely and securely.
  • Gaining the commercial success through the use of top quality acceptable, feasible technology
  • Actively collaborate with our suppliers
Why we are the leader

We are considered as the leaders of car shifting in Jammu and Kashmir for the following reasons:

  • We really have a network with 70 destinations all over the country.
  • We are well maintained our all branches are completely computerized as well as linked with each other.
  • With dedicated and well-trained professionals, we ensure every type of aspect of relocating.
  • A big one lakhs square feet of warehouse let us an unbeatable advantage
  • We hold a well-maintained fleet that can carry more than 5000 vehicles.
  • We also provide our customers 24*7 customer care services.
  • We are using International standard packing materials and moving techniques for providing the assured protection.
Our Strenghth:
  • At LogisticGuru, we have a well-maintained fleet of vehicles that can accommodate more than 5000 vehicles. Our large fleet includes Trucks, Car Trailers, Single Car Carrier, Multiple Cars Carriers, Container Trucks, Tempo Trucks, and many more. Safe Loading and unloading equipments help us to run the moving process smoothly.
  • We have a team of experienced drivers who ensure safe and swift transportation.
  • We also have a dedicated team of experts who take care of the whole process of packing, loading, transfer, unloading.
  • Our loading unloading crews are capable enough to do their job perfectly.
  • The strong transportation management system offers our customers the complete visibility of their cars with unique tracking systems.
  • All our carriers are well designed, secure, and sturdy to make proper control of ventilation.
Few words about us:

Welcome to LogisticGuru, the renowned vehicle transportation that provides you the help and assistance in meeting entire vehicle shifting requirements including car transport, car carrier, car shifting, car shipping, bike shifting, etc. We are considered as the pioneer in this transportation industry due to our unmatched service and unwavering commitment to serve our valuable customers with our top quality service. Our mission is to meet your expectations which are not simply but to exceed your expectations. We always feel proud ourselves in providing competitive price without sacrificing customer care and quality of services.

LogisticGuru offers door-to-door Car Carriers service in nationwide with enclosed trucks and open Trailers that will be able to make your peace of mind. We also offer the specialized customs information and services on both sides of the India border to facilitate the hassle-free and stress free Car transportation Service of your car or other vehicle. LogisticGuru, professional Car Carriers of Jammu and Kashmir combined With Years of experience, dedication and loyalty, so you can receive quick and expeditious service from start to end of your transportation. Our professional car Transport Service offers our customer the highest quality and safe transportation of your vehicle.

We as best Car Carriers of Jammu Kashmir offer the best possible and affordable price. We are the Best Car Packers and Movers in India and also rank among the top in the vehicle Movers in India and come under No.1 in the list of Multiple-car moving services.

We offer various car transportation services to all cities in each every corner the nation and are recommended as the best option around all the borders. Our services include Warehousing where we guard your car transport Jammu Kashmir and other cities of India. We are using the top notch and latest technology installed to advance and progress the facility of car transportation services which provide car conditioning and car ventilation services. Car carriers can be locked as per clients request for their satisfaction. When Car transportation is done our team which is specialized and professionally trained will do the complete report and survey search with transporting and road routes on client’s demands.

LogisticGuru is an experienced and well-known logistic company based in India. We offer different transportation services, including Car Transportation, Bike Transportation, and logistic services nationwide. Our main motive is to meet customer's expectations in all aspects. So we always offer our customers the best quality, assured, and safe transport service to your vehicle. We know very well that your car is one of the most valuable assets and possession you would always want to provide proper protection. In moving to a new city, transporting your vehicle or other vehicles is the most crucial apprehensions. We try to provide the proper protection to your belongings.

With door-to-door and terminal to the terminal solution, we always try to your relocation a stress-less process. With a dedicated team, we provide specialized relocation and logistic services for individuals and corporate. You can get our service with the highest guaranteed at affordable and cost-effective prices. With 9+ of experience and a strong network of 70 destinations nationwide, we have a huge amount of happy customers. With a well-maintained fleet of Vehicles, experienced moving experts, we are able to move your vehicle from any corner of India efficiently.

•  The process of our work:

•  Request a Quote

After receiving your inquiry, we will send instant quotations. You need to provide few details, including your name, contact details, a vehicle type that need to be transported, pickup address, and the date and expected delivery date.

•  Car Inspection

After completing the first step, we inspect the vehicle before loading it. To provide a safe journey, we usually request our customers don't keep more than ¼ tank of fuel, fold all the mirrors, don't keep anything personal on the car. It can minimize any risks during transportation.

•  Transport & Track

After the pickup, you are assured to transport your vehicle securely to the desired destination. Our carriers have GPS and Tracking Systems, so both our customers and we can track the progress.

•  Delivery

We usually provide the destination to destination services. You can receive your vehicle right at the doorstep of the specific location, And we assure you that you can get your car in pristine condition. The LogisticGuru, renowned vehicle transport in Chattarpur, takes pride in ensuring that we are the best and secure Car Transport Service Providers in the eastern part of India as we really care for our customer's requirements and sentiments. We can happily cover the extra mile to make our client happy. Our aim is to become the topmost Vehicles shifting Service of Jammu and Kashmir and serving a vast number of clients all over the country.

•  There are a few factors that you should look into while hiring the LogisticGuru-

The right equipment- We always believe in using the right equipment for doing us properly. It is crucial that the vehicle we are using to transport your car has hard-sided and completely enclosed to protect the car from dust, wind, rain, and harsh weather.

•  Safe loading and unloadingSafe loading and unloading are also crucial for running the transport business smoothly. Our carrier trucks are equipped with hydraulic lift gates that allow loading and unloading the vehicle smoothly without causing any damage. The lift gates facilitate the lifting of the car.

•  Expert team: we have an excellent team with experienced, skilled, expert team members. They know very well how to maintain good customer relationships and deliver any car to the right place on the proper date without any damage. Our loading and unloading crews are also experts who make the loading and unloading process smoothly and securely. we have an excellent team with experienced, skilled, expert team members. They know very well how to maintain good customer relationships and deliver any car to the right place on the proper date without any damage. Our loading and unloading crews are also experts who make the loading and unloading process smoothly and securely.

Separate Car Carrier: We at LogisticGuru understand that car is something personal and great affection to its owners that involves many car owners' emotions. So any small mistake can cause damage to the car. So we try to provide a hassle-free move of cars during the transportation which is extremely easy, cost-effective and risk-free. For a quick, safe, and rapid movement of the vehicle, we offer the "Car Carrier" services to both individual and corporate customers. Car is one of the most prized possessions, so it needs to be safely and effectively transferred from one place to another.

We are one of the most proficient car carriers in Janakpuri dealing in car transport services. We have separate car carriers that keep your car enclosed inside it so that it does not get damaged while transporting. The transit time usually depends on the distance between pickup and delivery point. Our carrier usually maintains speed up to 40 – 50 KM/HR, which is really excellent to avoid any accident or mishap during transit.

Dealing with Car Transport Company to get the best result:
  • While some Car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir may not ask for full payment in advance, other companies want the deposited money. If the deposit is provided before the service, they usually want the due amount at the delivery time. It is suggested by the experts that don't give the full money in advance.
  • If the company asks for the full payment in advance, you need to consider using a credit card or debit card. So that charges may show on your bank transaction.
  • You need to consider a couple of factors before selecting a company, such as distance, delivery location, vehicle size, or the specialty enclosed transport request.
  • It is a rule that more miles mean more dollars. The distance can affect the price of the car transport company.
  • Vehicle size: If it is a big-sized vehicle like a truck, you need to pay more than transporting a small car to the Car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Delivery location: If you want to receive your car right at the terminal or any other defined location, it can be a cheaper option for you. Or if you intend to pick near to your home, then the company charges extra.
  • Enclosed car transport always costs more, but it could be well worth the expense. It is best for transporting specialty cars because the enclosed car transport always protects the vehicle adequately , because it is really a safe and secure option.
Why Logistic Guru is best:

Find out the best service; several factors need to keep in mind. You have to remember that your car's safety depends on the transport company during the relocation process. That is why you are suggested to focus on selecting quality instead of affordable car shifting in Vasant Kunj like LogisticGuru. Here are some considerations mentioned below that should be considered for determining the dependability and reliability of the vehicle shifting firm.


One of the major problems when hiring a car carrier in Vasant Kunj is how to avoid fraudsters. There are many ways to verify the transportation organization that deals with international and national vehicle shipping and transportation jobs. In the US, the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Maritime Commission are the two best and authentic federal agencies that help identify the vehicle transport company's legitimacy status involved with international auto shipping. With LogisticGuru, you need not worry about the legitimacy of the agency. We can provide all of the documents that require transporting a car overseas.

Check Complaints Filed Against It

For determining legitimacy and reputation, it is vital to know the past customer relationship with the company. To verifying the car transport, you should check any complaints filed against the company previously. Through this way, you can understand how the customers were being dealt with in the past. Additionally, it is also important to check the safety records of auto Transport Company that can provide you a clear idea about the agency's expertise. If you hire a Logistic Guru, you can check in their detail we are absolutely free from this problem.

Read the customer review.

The customer reviews of any company can create positive thinking about the company. So Reading customer reviews on the website is another best way to know past customers' experiences about the company. So you have to visit the website and read the customer's review thoroughly. To make a fair decision, you have to read a considerable amount of reviews.

If you hire LogisticGuru, you can see we have a good reputation in the market. If you decide to go with us, you can get different car transport services, including door-to-door vehicle transportation, terminal car transportation, overseas transportation, corporate car transportation, etc. With years of experience, our service is operated by a skilled, well-trained, experienced team. We are generally using modern updated equipment and unique containers to transport the vehicles specially designed to transport the automobiles only. Proving the time saving and quick services, LogisticGuru, the best car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir, is considered the pioneer of the market in providing the best service economical prices. The trained, skilled, and experienced employees and fleet of car carriers enable us to deliver safe, secure transportation jobs, maintaining your vehicle's timely delivery anywhere in India and outside of India.

Why hire our bikes shifting services?

In the market of Jammu and Kashmir and surrounded are like Jammu and Kashmir, there is a variety of car shifting services available. But we are considered as the leader of this Industry because we provide the following things that make us totally different from others::

  • Competitive prices for car moving services
  • Maintaining on-time pickup and delivery of vehicles
  • Best and 24*7 customer care services
  • Always welcoming valuable feedbacks and work according to that
  • Take away all your worries related to car transporting from that time you pay us to avail our services.

You should never miss the opportunity to receive our unparallel car transportation service. You can contact us any time when you need our services. We are available all time, seven days a week. Even on holidays, you can contact us. Our efficient and experienced executives remain active all the time so that you can reach us any time. For hiring the car carrier in Jammu and Kashmir, you need to drop a mail to us or call our toll-free number; we will be back promptly. Hence you never feel alone after getting vehicle service.

Frequently ask question

•  Why Logistic Guru is trusted?

A: LogisticGuru, a leading Logistics company, caters to instant Online Transportation & packing and moving Services to move the Goods and Vehicles at your destination with a high quality of shipment at competitive remuneration. If you visit the website of LogisticGuru, you can get all the information about it.

•  What is the commitment for a good car Transport Company?

A: They will maintain the online pickup and delivery with safe relocation without damaging the car. The excellent car shifting in Jammu and Kashmir always provides their client free pick up and door-to-door delivery through a safety procedure. They will usually save your valuable time in searching for the best car transport companies. And they also try to secure your information. They use your information at the time of processing the order, not any other time.

•  Does LogisticGuruprovide lots of transportation options?

A: We, the best Vehicle transport in Jammu and Kashmir, usually provide more than one transport option, including enclosed transport, open transport, door to door transport. You have to find out the options that are suited to your needs. Because every people has different needs, we have all the options, just to find you.

•  What types of documents or papers Logistic Guru need for secure transportation?

A: It is extremely crucial to ask the question because you will be able to get your papers and documents updated before sending the car for transportation. It will help you to save yourself from complications that may arise during the transportation process.

•  Does Logistic Guru provide inspection reports to their customers?

A: yes, Logistic Guru, when you decide to move your car from Noida to another place through our transportation service, you have to receive its inspection report. Through these documents, you can get various information like receiving and delivering time and date, car's condition, current mileage, etc in this inspection report.

•  In LogisticGuru, How does the car get transported?

A: If you hire LogisticGuru, you will be ensured that your car will safely be enclosed in trucks while moving to other places. These car transport trucks have harnesses and slots enclosed with it to ensure the cars or other vehicles are transported safely. Some lesser know companies drive the car while moving it from one place to another; it is not secure for the car. In this process, it may face an accident or criminal activity.

•  What type of insurance coverage LogisticGuru provide to their client?

A: Before hiring this professional car transport in Jammu and Kashmir, you should be confident that the company perfectly insures your car. LogisticGuru offers the full coverage HDFC ERGO Insurance to your car while handed over to them for moving.

•  Do you offer all India services from Jammu and Kashmir?

A: Well, the answer is yes—we at LogisticGuru offer you packing and shifting services from Jammu and Kashmir to all over India. Whether you are planning to get shifted from Jammu and Kashmir to Pune or any other state or country, we are here to help you in relocating safely. We will get your car shifted to the desired destination without having any complexities. You just need to contact us; we will send our executive to your door. He will pick up and transport your car to the city you are relocating to.

•  How much will it cost to get my vehicle shifted?

A: The cost of Car Shifting in Jammu and Kashmir will depend on various factors like the type of vehicle you want to shift, the distance to be covered, the timing schedule and others. For example, the price of moving a car from Jammu and Kashmir to Hyderabad will be different from moving it Jammu and Kashmir to Ajmer.

•  Do I need to do anything to repair my vehicle for transport?

A: You just need to ensure that at the time of shifting, your car is fully operational. Check the tires and brakes, engine and other function of the car. You can also remove your personal belongings for safety purpose. Also, it is necessary to take all the notes of damaged or dents on the vehicle.

•  How long my car will take to get shifted?

A: The time of car shipment actually depends upon the distance to be covered. Also, it depends upon your requirement. While booking and signing up the documents, you will be given details about this card used and the time on which your vehicle will be delivered or dropped off.

•  Are there any chances of delay in my delivery?

A; Well, we all are highly committed to relocating your vehicle within the given time period. In case any sort of delay occurs, then we will provide you with information regarding the same in advance.

•  Can Logistic Guru transport all types of vehicles?

Yes, LogisticGuru can transport all types of vehicle. All company cannot do this. Even so for us, we have put in place the facilities that allow us to transport every type of car and other vehicle. At LogisticGuru, we have proper infrastructure and carrier to transport any type of vehicle, no matter these are cars, truck etc.

•  Why Logistic Guru is one of the reliable car transportation services?

Logistic Guru is a reliable Car Transport in Jammu and Kashmir; you can get variety of services when you are with us including car transportation services, car shifting service, car moving services, car carrier services, bike shifting service etc. There are different types of car transporter available in Noida that cover an extensive range of services, but we provides the best inter country transportation service

If you have an expensive or luxury car or other vehicles you need to mention the details like:

  • Car Model name
  • Model number
  • Company name
  • Pickup and delivery date etc

So that, we can make a special arrangements for you to move your expensive car accordingly. We charge some extra for this service, but it could be well worth the expense.

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