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Often people need to move from one destination another either due to business relocation or job transfer. If you are one of those individual who are thinking of moving permanently to another place, the one of the most prudent decision would be avail the service of the most trusted and experienced vehicle Transport Company. Some people might argue that they can easily drive the long distance and possible enjoy the good road trip. But it is not wise decision, because this long distance road trip involves a lot of mishaps. You may face any accident, because it is normal for your mind to be anxious and worried for relocation. Perhaps, it is better to pay someone, who can shift your car to your new address safely and securely. In this situation you can hire the LogisticsGuru, the renowned car transport in Jalandhar or other cities of India.

Welcome To LogisticsGuru, the best car transport in Jalandhar

Are you planning to pack your belongings along with your precious car to your new home in outside Jalandhar? Are you looking for expert packers and movers in Jalandhar to help you in packing and transporting all of your belongings? If yes, we are glad to inform you that we are here to help you.

  • We are experts Packers and Movers in Jalandhar
  • We have experience in both local and national moving.
  • If you are decide to move from Jalandhar to other cities or state across the country then we are perfect for your relocation needs.
  • We have wide network across the country for car moving, bike transport, residential and commercial relocation that will help in all type of packing and moving needs no matter what is your time frame or relocation address is.
  • Our experienced and well trained professionals are available any time of a day at your service.

We provide two main types of relocation- local moves and long distance move. If you want to move local distance, then we recommend the open car carrier and if you have to move out of city or out of state, then it is suggested to use the enclosed carrier. Long distance move is total different than short distance move. It involves packing. Loading, transporting and unloading your goods from one part to another part in India.

Choosing a professional car Transport in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is one of the modern city and industrial and business hub of India. So relocation for Job purpose is common in this place. Huge amount of job seeker come here as well as numerous people shift from this place to other city. it is rare for any family to have only one car these days because having one car is not enough for their busy schedule. So having more than one car is essential. While moving to a new residence, maybe within the state or outside the state, transporting cars become a genuine problem for car owners. Now almost everything has a solution. The simplest way to remove this problem is to hire a professional Vehicle transport in Jalandhar. But it is essential to choose the right Car shipping in Jalandhar. So you can depend on LogisticGuru, we are one of the responsible as well as trusted car transport company of this area. So before selecting the service, you need to ask some specific question to us about our service, we are always ready to provide you, here are the questions:

  • Do they provide their services only within the city or state or also outside of the state?
  • What is your car shifting plan?
  • How much do they charge to provide this service? Does the charge of the insurance come under this plan? Or you have to purchase the insurance separately?
  • Do they provide any insurance? Which type of insurance they usually offer?
  • What are the plans that they offered to their clients?
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LogisticsGuru --Fulfilling the demand for car transportation needs

If you have to shift in a new location, then you must be having a need for moving your vehicle around without any complexities. In Jalandhar, there are numerous car shifting or car transportation service providers available, but all that matters has a smooth shifting experience. We at LogisticsGuru understand the requirement completely and work best to provide you with the most satisfying service.

Whenever we move towards a new location, it seems so fantastic but moving the stuff from one place to another is actually a complex process to get completed. Most people usually prefer to shift their vehicles alongside so that they can get the ease of transport without any complexities. Even some people prefer to drive and transport their cars and other vehicles to the place where they are moving. However, if the location is quite far away, then the driving idea does not work. It becomes a tiring process. Also, if the climate is not friendly, then also it becomes quite difficult to move the vehicle on your own. In such a case is, car shifting or car relocation or hiring the best Car Carrier in Jalandhar becomes essential.

While dealing with the verified Vehicle Transport in Jalandhar to ludhiana, clients do not face any sort of trouble in getting their car shipped to a place far away. We, at LogisticsGuru, highly believe in providing the best services to our clients. For Car Transport in Jalandhar, we have the best transporters with excellent facilities. Also, we give safety the utmost preference. We understand that your car or any other vehicle is precious to you and keeps it safe while moving.

We are the pioneer of car transport of Jalandhar:

LogisticsGuru can be your best logistic partner that is an excellent company and proving fast, secure, safe and affordable innovative service of car shifting in Jalandhar to both commercial and household.

  • We provide the secure car packing and moving service for residential as well as industrial customers.
  • We at LogisticsGuru always prefer to deliver the finest quality services with the help of the competent, skilled, knowledgeable, experiences professionals beside well structure and well maintained infrastructure.
  • At LogisticsGuru, we have large fleet of truck and duty vehicles that helps to offers doors to door vehicle transportation service with skilled professionals.
  • We operate from our all transport related job from our office to all major and minor Indian Destinations.
  • With all high quality equipments, we offer all customers the innovative car transport solution as per the necessities of all customers.
The best Car shifting company to depend upon:

Not only the people shifting from one place to another use the Top Car carrier service in Jalandhar, but also there are some renowned car or vehicle manufacturers who trust and depend on us for carrying their new vehicles across their distribution point. We not only shift your car from one destination to another but also give the utmost of it.

Today’s, there are numerous car shifting companies available in the market which offers all facilities affordable price. People hire us for this reasonable price. Choosing any cheap company leads to damage or loss the car sometimes. They, instead of securing the car in trucks, drive it to the location. But, we do not believe in the same. At LogisticsGuru, we ensure to pick up the car and drop it according to the schedule.

We always follow a complete and proper checklist regarding the pickup and drop off. Apart from this, we also allow our customers to keep the keys of the cars along with them so that they can easily have control over their vehicle. Apart from this, our transportation vehicles are having GPS fitted devices that help you in the tracking of your work are anytime from anywhere, just with the help of web and mobile applications. After hiring us, you do not need to worry about the security or safety of your car. We transport your car in the exact condition you hand it to us.

Why we should hire the LogisticsGuru:

Most of the customers usually ship the normal car, Van, SUV or light weight truck that won’t create any problem for any auto transport company. But the customers have exceptional car, rare car or antique or oversized car, and then it needs special equipment to ship. Not all auto shipping companies specialized loading and unloading equipment. But LogisticsGuru have all special equipment to ship all types of car. So they cannot face any problem while move a special car. But it is important to inform us what type of car you want to shift. We have to special planning according to that.

Customers can get the free quote from us easily:

You need to remember that, getting or asking quote from any car transport company should never mean that you are under the obligation to use the services of that company. Most of the packers and movers know that customer will be getting the quotes for comparing the rate and they are Okay with that. If anyone ask for deposit money to get the quote, they you have to know the company is fake. At LogisticsGuru, you can get a free call with just one phone call through which you understand how affordable rate we are providing to our customers. You can get the accurate rate by talking directly with our representative.

How do you calculate your rates?

After receiving the quote, some customer behave like they have own the game, but this is not true. The cost car shifting company is calculated using numerous factors including size and model of the vehicle, distance of the new destination, the drop-off and pickup locations, the shipping method the customers have selected, any special equipment the customers want to use and the price of the fuel. Usually, shipping a vehicle in an enclosed trailer should cost more than shipping a car on a open container. Out of state car shipping will cost than shipping within city. Some car transport company takes the hidden cost without informing the customers. But LogisticsGuru is extremely genuine in this matter, we usually inform our customers about all information regarding the charges involve with the service.

Payment options of LogisticsGuru

Payment method is extremely important factor to be considered when you are going to hire a car transport company. There are many car transport company who ask the customers for deposit or partial payment when you schedule your shipment before delivery the car on the address. This is quite natural but some companies ask for full payment in advance, you have to remember they are fraud. At LogisticsGuru, we usually ask some payment in advance and full payment after delivery. We do it to avoid last time cancellation. After completing the full payment, we also provide the receipt to our customers and we prefer to accept the payment though bank.

LogisticsGuru us registered and licensed:

If you decide to ship your car to your new destination by using the service of a good car transport companies, then you have choose a company with valid license or registration number. It is not hard to find out whether the company is registered and licensed or not. You can ask directly to our representative. The Car transport company that moves the small or big size vehicle are required proper registration number approved by government of India. Once you have the registration and License number, then you can check the operating status, safety record of the company. LogisticsGuru is a registered company, so after hiring us, you need not to worry them.

LogisticsGuru is a fully insured:

All reputable auto transport company like LogisticsGuru are fully insured- it is a law. We have enough coverage to respond if any issues or emergencies may arise. You can ask some specific questions to our representatives: What are standard shipping insurance options that company provides? Do you need to buy any additional insurance? In any worst situation will your entire vehicle be covered or just certain part of the car? Is there any deductible amount, you have to pay or not?

All vehicle transport company needs to carry a valid insurance certificate, if you ask to see, they should be able to show. Before the agreement, you have to check it and carefully read it. Will you entire car be covered or some certain part of the vehicle are insured?

We have the 24*7 customer support

Whether it's a rare car or normal car, you need frequent updates when it's on the road. If your car is expensive or rare then you will be more worried, that is normal. Any brokers and carriers are usually unavailable after one hour that can be inconvenient or stressful. This is one of the important reasons why most of the people want to choose large, nationwide car Transport Company. With LogisticsGuru, you can enjoy the complete peace of mind. Because we have 24*7 customer care where you can get all updates about your car, when it is in the road with us.

The exact services we offer:

After knowing the car movers and packers is a broker or a authentic auto shipping company, you have to enquire about their service to understand what they exactly offer. There is no harm in knowing more about the services they provide.

LogisticsGuru is professional vehicle transport in Jalandhar who exclusively ship the car via open and enclosed trailer. Protection of your vehicle is our main priority. You also offer the single as well as multi-vehicle shipping options. We are expert and well equipped to transport any type of car along with inoperable or non-working cars. We are the shippers who car coordinate long distance shipments

Does the auto transport company offer the Contract in Detail

Agreement and the Contract in Detail is extremely important in the moment of hiring a service. That is also true for hiring car Transport Company. So before hiring the best the service of car shift of Jalandhar, you should ask them for agreement and also read the agreement clearly. We, at LogisticsGuru never make verbal promises; always try to mention all clauses on the agreement. If you want to hire a professional Car Transport in Jalandhar, you need to avoid any company's verbal promises. You should ask them to write everything on a white paper or court paper. You can get the penalty clause is written in the sheet that we always ready to pay the penalty charge if your car cannot be delivered within the specified time. Not only that, this clause also be mentioned on the agreement that customers will have to pay some penalty if they cancel the contract after a specific time period.

Believe on the company who provide Timely Delivery

We don’t prefer any rush. So we inform our customers that to avoid any rush while receiving the car. We also inform our customers that they should examine the vehicle carefully and thoroughly to check any damage is happen or not. They need to check the car roof and bumpers also. Though damages are rare, you find any, and then try to make a list of all injuries and take the company's representative's signature.

We are one of the trusted Car Carrier in Jalandhar and works towards minimizing your stress and make you relaxed because.

  • At LogisticsGuru, your car protection is our utmost priority. After hiring us, you will not feel like your vehicle is in the wrong hands, we are safe and secure car transport company.
  • We generally use several amazing customized car carriers to install your car in such a manner that it does not get damaged during transit. Till now, we have dealt with more than thousands of car movements at secure and safe condition without any problem.
  • We always believe and prefer to provide effective services with affordable rate we are your best logistic partner while you decide to transport your car to another place.
  • We have worked with several clients because we have a strong network of 70 destinations nationwide, including large organizations like Nissan Renault, Mahindra and Others.
  • All our branches in India are fully computerized as well as networked with each other, so that we can do our job perfectly.
  • With well-trained professionals we ensure all aspects of the re-locating without making damage in the car body.
Frequently asked question

•  What are my choices for drop-off and pickup locations?

This is not a road trip that you need only pick up location. The all reputed car transport companies including LogisticsGuru, have their own drop-off and pickup locations, but you should ensure before signing on an agreement that these hubs are convenient for you and near to your new destination. Some companies provide the Door-to-door service, but it costs more and sometime large transport truck cannot reach at your door step, then they are waiting for you on our hub, you have to pick your vehicle.

•  How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

After Hiring LogisticsGuru, we always try to cooperate with our customers. Before picking up the vehicle from your home, you can receive a phone call or massage room our customer care desk to make the car empty, clean, keep the another set of key near to you etc or more steps that need to be taken. If you want get more information regarding this matter, you can ask our representative. It can make your journey safe.

•  Why are you the best company to book with?

This is quite complicated question; our representatives are ready to answer you that can give you proper idea. Ideally, all people are looking for the auto transport company that values the customer needs and has good track records of transport car in a safe and timely manner. This is the main motive of any customers, because vehicle is one of the precious possessions of all individual and they have lots of emotional attachment with it.

•  Does this price include everything or will there be additional costs?

Make sure you double check the quote you receive from the company, because according to that you have to pay. You can demand an itemized list of what the quoted price covers. After receiving it, you should clear that any hidden charges or fees or additional cost are there that might not be included in the quote. It is better to check the invoice against the itemized service agreement that you received before booking the service.

•  How do you make sure nothing happens to your car?

When transporters pickup your car, they carry out an assessment of the general condition of the vehicle in front of you. So you can agree what is the condition of the car before hand over. After delivery, you need to carry out similar check in front of the driver, to make sure that the car has been no damage during the transit.

•  How long will shipping take?

It will normally vary from company to company and it is also dependent on how you vehicle is shipped and where it is being shipped? With car shipping company, delivery time is rarely guaranteed. So, most of the good companies usually provide approx delivery to their customers. In general guideline, coast to coast transportation might take 1-2 weeks, for shorter distance it will take 2 to 6 days.

•  What happens if your car does get damaged?

It is extremely vital to do a thorough inspection when you can is delivered, if your car get damaged during the transit, it can be mentioned on the delivery report and signed by driver or representative. On the basis of the documents, you can make claims against shipping companies insurance.

Car transport rate and type of service can be varied from one organization to another. Your car definitely your pride and joy, so you need to ask this question to your car transport company without any hesitation. You may have stress and anxiety about safety and security of your car. It is genuine.

•  What documents do you need?

You always need to submit the right documents to ship cars across the country though a car transports company. Otherwise, the work of car thieves will become much easier. After receiving your documents, the company need to submit their registration, license copy, insurance copy etc. you have to know that your transport company find out exactly what papers that make sure you have the legal right to your car. The documents they need including:

  • The documents are:
  • Customer name
  • ID proof
  • Which type of car needs to be transported?
  • Model number of the car
  • Expect to Pick up and date
What type of Documents do you need while hiring the best car carrier in Jalandhar?

•  The important Documents for Vehicle Transportation

After selecting us as the best car shipping in Jalandhar, you need to submit some required documents for getting the smooth service. Not only the customers but the service providers also need to provide the required documents.

  • Photocopy of Registration Certificate or Smart Card
  • Photocopy copy of Insurance Paper of the car
  • Photocopy of Pollution Under Control

•  Car Condition Paper – All information related to the car is mentioned in this document, including the car Serial Number, Battery Serial Number, all visible scratches on the vehicle, the accessories provided with the car, and other details mentioned in the paper.

•  Consignment Note –The pickup address and delivery address with the details of the contact person.

•  Bill or Money Receipt after getting the full payment

•  Does car transport company give money back if he can do the job or not?

Good car Transport Companies always returns your money back, if they cannot do the job. LogisticsGuru is extremely understandable and logical regarding their pickup and delivery process that assures their customer that they will return the customer's money in case of any mishap likes damage or loss of the vehicle. Make sure it could be mentioned on the agreement paper.

•  What’s, is the affordable and cheapest option to transport a car?

A: The cheapest way to move your car through the road is an open container. The transportation through open type container provides the proper safety and guarantee to deliver your car on proper pickup timing.

•  How does the car get transported while hiring the LogisticsGuru?

A: If you hire LogisticsGuru, you will be ensured that your car will safely be enclosed in trucks while moving to other places. These car transport trucks have harnesses and slots enclosed with it to ensure the cars or other vehicles are transported safely. Some lesser know companies drive the car while moving it from one place to another; it is not secure for the car. In this process, it may face an accident or criminal activity.

•  How to Discover Great Car Transport Company in Jalandhar?

LogisticsGuru, the renowned Car transport service providers in Jalandhar have a variety of services to choose from. There are many car shifting companies in all over the India that offer car transportation services. For those who requires to move their cars from one destination to another, these are the most convenient and affordable ways of doing it.

•  Why We Should Employ LogisticsGuru Transport in Jalandhar?

LogisticsGuru in Jalandhar since 2013, 8 years old Master Car Transportation Jalandhar .we helped countless people to move their product. LogisticsGuru Transport brings safe, security, prosperity, quality and productive with a wide arrangement of Car shifting Company at reasonable price.

•  Is LogisticsGuru reliable?

LogisticsGuru, a leading Logistics company, caters to instant Online Transportation & packing and moving Services to move the Goods and Vehicles at your destination with a high quality of shipment at competitive remuneration. If you visit the website of LogisticsGuru, you can get all the information about it.

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