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Car Transport In Hyderabad

Car Transport In Hyderabad

LogisticGuru has its own popularity for being one of the best service providers of car transport in Hyderabad. The team available here has helped more than thousands of clients to shift and move their vehicles to other cities and even countries. If you are also willing to get shifted to any other location and looking for the best vehicle transport in Hyderabad, then LogisticGuru is the best option to consider.

All the services available at LogisticGuru will definitely prove to be convenient for you. Your shifting and moving experience will definitely be amazing. The team available at LogisticGuru is highly skilled and experienced in handling all types of vehicles. Also, reliability and transparency are the major priorities here. We strictly follow the rules and guidelines set for the logistic industry

Get your multiple cars or vehicle transported with LogisticGuru

In case you are willing to get more than one vehicle transported to any other location, then also our team is available to help you out. At LogisticGuru, we are having a fleet of more than 5000 carriers that can help in carrying multiple cars and transports to other location. Even if you are an automobile manufacturer and willing to get the spare parts or raw cars transported to other parts of the city and country, then also we can help you out. LogisticGuru is undoubtedly one of the best service providers of car carrier in Hyderabad.

Why should you choose logisticGuru for car shifting in Hyderabad?

You must be thinking that among all other service providers of car transport in Hyderabad, why should you choose us? Well, somewhere, your concern is correct as we have stated that your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Here are some factors that you should know about.

  • At logisticGuru, we give customer satisfaction the most priority. We always work towards maintaining healthy and long term relationships.
  • It's been more than seven years we are working in this industry and providing high-quality services to our customers related to packing, shifting and moving.
  • We have a strong and well-connected network in more than 70 destinations. We can easily deliver your car to any territory without any complexities.
  • Till now, we have delivered more than 10,000 cars and 15,000 bikes worldwide.
  • We are having a record of 95% on-time delivery.
  • Being an IBA approved company, we follow all the guidelines and regulations of packing and shifting.
  • We are having a fleet of more than 5000 carriers to transport your vehicle from one destination to another.
  • Each and every carrier is well equipped with a GPS tracker so that you can easily track the live location of your vehicle without any complexities.
  • In case you are willing to hire the service provider of car transport in Hyderabad for international shipping, then also you can consider us. At logisticGuru, we follow all the international standards of packaging and shifting while transporting your car or any other vehicle to a foreign country.
  • We have a huge customer base who is satisfied with our services.
  • We pack your vehicle in the carrier in such a manner that it does not experience even a single scratch while getting transported.
  • We provide you with the best customer executive support so that you can easily get answers to all your queries without any complexities.
  • Our pricing policies are so convenient and affordable that you will not feel any sort of burden while paying the amount to us.
  • We provide you with the facility of on door pick up and drop off.
  • Our executive will pick up the vehicle from your door and deliver it to the destination address you provide.

LogisticGuru is always available at your service. If you choose us for car transport in Hyderabad, then you will definitely get the best experience and amazing services.

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Safety and security are our major priorities.

When it comes to shifting to a new location, vehicle transport is one of the major responsibilities to be completed. We all want to hand over our vehicles to professionals so that they can keep them safe with the utmost care. At LogisticGuru, our exports are highly professional in handling your vehicle and transporting it to the given destination without any damage or scratch. Also, considering the security factor in mind, we provide you with the feature of live tracking of your vehicle. Yes, our carriers are well equipped with GPS trackers that can help you out in getting details about the current location of your vehicle.

Our Vision:

Our major vision is to be one of the most cost-effective and reliable logistics service provider in the served as well as underserved territories of India. Our team is highly committed to making a quality change in the life of people by adapting more methods that are environmentally sustainable.

Our Mission:

Our major mission is to fulfill the demands of our clients by providing them with the most transparent and innovative services. We are dedicated to making personal and professional long-term relationships and providing the most innovative supply chain solutions for vehicle transport in Hyderabad through road, air and water as well. Also, we are working towards decreasing the inefficiencies in freight management and providing our customers with a chance to maximize their hard as well as soft savings.

Affordable Pricing Is All We Want While Shifting

Whenever it comes to shifting, there are a lot of things we need to handle, like packing, buying new stuff, and others. In such a situation we want to hire an affordable service provider of car transport so that our shifting charges can become convenient. Well, at LogisticGuru, we understand your situation and provide you with the most affordable pricing. Also, in return, we provide you with the best quality. In the market, there are several other service providers of car transport in Hyderabad available who promises about providing quality services at cheap rates, but in return, they do not even take care of the damage to your car. Instead of carrying your vehicle in the carriers, they drive the car on their own. It leads towards the internal as well as the external damage to your vehicle. Also, the security factor does not get maintained. At Logistic Guru, we do not follow such practices and always promote the best services while transporting your vehicle to other destinations.

Get The Best Customer Support With Amazing Services

Transporting your vehicle to another destination is not only enough. Along with that, we also take proper care of your satisfaction. We understand that you must be having several questions in your mind related to our services, pricing and others. In order to get answers, it is important for you to have someone with whom you can talk or discuss. Considering the same, here at LogisticGuru, we are also having a team of the best customer support executives who are always ready to provide you with the best information regarding your query. Even after handing over your car keys to us, you can contact the Executives and ask them questions related to pricing or delivery as well. We understand how important customer satisfaction is to maintain quality services.

Get The Best Services OF Car Transport In Hyderabad With Prominent Logistics Company

Being one of the most leading Logistics Companies in the market, logisticGuru provides you with the most prominent and instant online transportation and packing services to move your vehicle to another destination. Our major goal is to provide you with the best logistics solutions at affordable prices and effective communication as well. Also, we are highly committed to satisfying you with the best shifting and moving services.

We have served many clients with our reliable as well as efficient services. We are having years of experience along with market understanding. Our executives know how to provide excellent service to clients. Our skilled team is actually the backbone of our company. They have high experience in handling the commercial as well as household vehicles. In order to make reaching any destination easier for us, we are having a large network of Transporters and truck owners.

Meeting up deadlines is always our goal.

Along with providing the best transportation service and delivering your car to the doorstep with the most safety and security, we always also take care of maintaining the deadlines. We understand that if you are investing your amount in our services, that means you are placing your trust in us. We always maintain that and try to deliver your car to your doorstep according to the given schedule and timelines.

We understand how much the timelines matter to maintain trust and reliability in any relationship, either it is personal or professional. Just because of our best quality, we have a huge customer base. Also, we are having a record of 95% on-time delivery, and all of our customers are satisfied with the services we provide. We always try to maintain long term relationships with our client. That is why we keep each and every factor into consideration, including the deadlines as well.

Get the most reliable call transport service in Hyderabad with LogisticGuru.

Once you get all set to shift to a new place, then there are several things to be done like packing, shifting of household stuff and transporting your vehicle. Among all, transporting the vehicle is one of the most prominent tasks to complete. Without a vehicle, it becomes quite difficult to get adjusted to a new location. Considering all, we are here to help you out in every situation.

  • Here at LogisticGuru, we are highly committed to providing the best packing and shifting services to our customers.
  • We know how important it is to follow deadlines. We are having a track record of 95% on-time delivery.
  • We provide you with the most affordable and convenient pricing options so that you would not feel any sort of burden while paying the amount.
  • Our team has high expertise in handling all type of vehicles and transports them to the given locations.
  • We always work towards maintaining long term relationships.
  • We take utmost care of your car and deal with it just like our own.
  • We always try to deliver your car without even a single scratch. We pack it in the carrier in such a manner that it does not get any sort of damage even while passing through the harsh roads or any other climatic condition.
  • We provide you with the insurance cover facility in case your car gets damaged while getting transported.
  • We are also having special arrangements for car transport in Hyderabad for those who own a luxury car.
  • Customer satisfaction is always our major priority and responsibility.

In every business, reliability and transparency plays the most important role. If we are not transparent to you, then we are not giving 100% in your service. At LogisticGuru, we highly believe in making our customers satisfied with the amazing services. We always try to build long term relationships. It's been more than seven years we are working in this industry and having goodwill just because of our best quality services. Till now, we have delivered more than 10,000 cars and 15,000 bikes worldwide. Also, we are having are you with customer base satisfied with our services. If you hire us for your car transport in Hyderabad, then you will not feel this satisfied at any cost.

Do you have a luxury car? Don't worry; we got you covered.

We are having the transport services for both economy as well as luxury cars. When you own a luxury car, then your concern related to its safety and security automatically increases. You always want to keep it safe in every condition and situation. We understand the same and provide you with the best and most quality car transport services in Hyderabad. However, it is important to understand that the price of luxury Top car transport in Hyderabad is a bit different from other vehicle transport.

LogisticGuru – get assured services with quality.

LogisticGuru is a well-known logistic service provider in the market. In order to keep our name and goodwill, it is important to provide the best service and the utmost satisfaction to our clients. We can only lead to success if our clients are satisfied with us. At LogisticGuru, we are using innovative methods to provide you with the best services with:

•  24 hours support

•  Pan India moving facility

•  More than seven years of experience

•  Careful handling of your vehicles

•  On the door and on-time delivery

•  Pickup and drop facility

•  Mobile and web application tracking of your vehicle

Are there any special preparations you need to do before handing over your car to us?

We at logisticGuru do not impose such regulations or policies, but still, for your utmost satisfaction, we are providing you with some tips that you can follow. These tips will help you in taking a breath of relief after handing your car to us.

  • First of all, it is important for you to keep your car neat and clean. You can go to a car wash.
  • Once your car is neat and clean, check and go through all the internal as well as external parts. Analyze every scratch and damage internally as well as externally.
  • Take pictures of the current damage along with all the scratches. It will help you out in comparing the current condition of the car after getting it from the car transport.
  • You can take pictures of the fuel tank and odometer of your car. It will help you out in analyzing how much kilometres your car has driven to get reached to your place.
  • Must check the functions and operations of your car along with wheels, brakes and other features
  • In case you have placed any extra accessory or thing in your car, then kindly remove them. It may lead to damage while getting transported. Also, if it is expensive, then after removing it, you will not be tensed about its security.
  • In case you are having an old model car then at the time of transport, keep all the keys with you. It will help in getting the car easily to the carrier.
  • Must check all the terms and conditions before signing the lending bill as well as the checklist.

If you take such small things or points into consideration, then it will help you out in getting a smooth experience of car transport in Hyderabad. Along with all this, it is necessary for you to remember that at the time of pick up and drop off, you need to be present at the location. You will be the signing authority.

What process do we follow for car transport in Hyderabad?

Our team at LogisticGuru is highly committed to providing the most prominent and hassle-free service to our clients. We always work towards making the shifting process easy and convenient for everyone. Before proceeding further, we suggest you take a look over the process we follow for delivering or transporting your car to the destination.

  • First of all, you need to contact us and then on the basis of conversation; our executive will set a meet up with you
  • At the time of the meeting, you will be required to provide details about your car and relocation, like the model of your car and the date you are willing to relocate, and the distance to be covered.
  • On the basis of the details gathered from you, the executive will prepare a quotation having the details regarding the price to be paid and other terms and conditions.
  • If you find the quotation convenient then, you can send it and send it back to the executive, and then the process will move further
  • According to the set date and time, with the truck driver visit your door
  • They will analyze the current condition of your vehicle and mention each and everything in the checklist and the landing bill, including the existing scratches and damages
  • Thereafter you will be required to sign the landing will, and the executive will hand over one copy to you
  • Then the car will be packed in the career, and the transportation process will be started
  • According to the given date and time, the vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep

So, this is the process followed by our executives while providing you with the services of best car transport in Hyderabad. Also, it is necessary for you to determine the fact that you have to be present at both locations at the time of pickup and delivery. Without your sign, the pickup and drop-off process will not be completed. Also, at the time of delivery, you will be required to present the second copy of the landing bill that the executive provide you at the time of picking up the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

Till now, we have delivered more than thousands of cars and bikes to our customers nationally and internationally. We actually helped a lot of clients in making their shifting and moving process simple and convenient.
The response we get from our customers after Top car transportation in Hyderabad services is so overwhelming, which always lets us bring out the best. We always believe in the best services and always want our customers must not to feel trouble while availing services from us. If you are not sure how you will be able to take your vehicle to your new location, don't worry until and unless we are here for you. For your convenience, we would like to enclose some frequently asked questions so that next time when you are coming to us for having services, there will be no such thought in your mind.

What are the document requirements for booking car transportation services in Hyderabad?

The document requirement for car transportation services includes:-

•  Address details where the car needs to deliver

•  Xerox copy of the original document of the car

•  ID proof Xerox copy

How to book car transportation services in Hyderabad?

When you wish to book car transportation services in Hyderabad, you just require the best transporter in the town who can help you in dealing with that. Some Transporters help you to have the services for the shorter duration only, and some believe in long Journeys as well. Figure it out and then make the bookings. In case the transporter is not giving you any assurance related to services, drop the idea and look for others.

Is there any additional charge for emergency car transportation booking?

Well, we are having a fleet of more than 5000 carriers, so there is less chance that you will not get the service. However, we also want you to take a look at this factor.
If you want to avail of car transportation services in an emergency, there is no such additional charge. But the requirement depends on whether there is any Truck Driver available to help you or not. If unfortunately, no Truck Driver is there at the moment, we will not be able to help you.

What parameters make the transporter the best one to choose?

The basic parameters you need to know about the transporter:-

•  They hold a good record

•  Cost-effective services are there

•  No irresponsive behaviour towards the vehicle

•  Transparency must be there

•  Be specific about the services

•  The truck drivers must be punctual

Is it possible to book car transportation services online?

Thanks to online services right now, you can book your customised car transportation services in Hyderabad through an online portal as well. You just need to visit our online portal and get the quotation done. After that, you can simply book the services. If there is any change you need to make after booking the services, you can do the same as well.

What is the minimum deposit a person needs to pay when booking the services?

When you are booking car transportation services, do pay the minimum amount of 60% in advance. This advance amount is the security that you are ready to have the services. If you have not deposited the advance amount, we will not confirm the booking. Also, the amount depends upon the details and quotation prepared.

Is it possible to cancel the transportation services on the spot?

It is not possible to cancel the transportation services on the spot. But still, if you don't want the services, that truck driver will reach us back. But the amount will not be refunded at all. Also, if you're doing the same before 14 to 15 hours, we will look at the criteria and update you regarding a refund.

Who will be going to reach the place to collect the vehicle?

For collecting the vehicle at your place, a Truck Driver, along with an executive, will come. The executive will examine the vehicle completely so that there will be not even a single detail that is missed and not mentioned on the landing bill. There will be a checklist used to prepare the bill and statement.

Is there any additional amount I need to pay to the transporter after the delivery of my vehicle?

All the charges are included when you have book the services and make the payment. There is no need for you to pay any amount to the transporter delivering the vehicle.

What if the transporter got late to reach my place?

If the transporter got late to reach your place, we suggest you be patient for a while because this might be some emergency that might knock on the door. In 99.99% of cases, we reach the customer on time and deliver the vehicle. But in case of delay, we let you get updated about it, and you can also track it through the tracking link sent to you on the registered mobile number.

What are the major factors to consider when having an auto carrier service?

The major factors to know when having auto carrier service includes:-

•  They must deliver the vehicle timely

•  There must be no damage to the vehicle

•  Insurance policy

•  Customer reviews

•  Quality services

•  Details about parking and shifting

What if I am not satisfied with the services?

If after the delivery of your vehicle you are not satisfied with the services, do let us know immediately about us. They never want that our customers might face any trouble after having services from us, and this let us come up with a solution for every problem. If there is any damage to the vehicle to let us know about it, or if there is something else troubling you, don't feel hesitant to mention it.

Can I get an idea about the quotation over the call?

It is quite difficult for us to give you an idea about the quotation over the call. We suggest approaching our customer executive and let them know about your requirements so that they can come up with the best results for you and you can easily figure out whether things are working in your favour or not.

Don't look here and there whenever you want to relocate your vehicle to another city. With us, you will have satisfactory services which will not make you feel disappointed at all. If any doubt is there persisting, don't feel hesitant at all while mentioning it because we are here to get all your needs.

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