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LogisticGuru- Company With A Vision In Car Shifting In Cochin

Car Transport In Cochin

LogisticGuru is the one-stop solution for Vehicle Transport in Cochin. It aims at providing quality services in case you are planning to migrate to a different location. With dedicated professionals, the company is there to help its customers with a hassle-free Car Shifting Service in Cochin.

Being a recognised and IBA certified Logistics company, it is the most affordable car moving and packing delivery agency. Having networks to 70 destinations, the company provides safe and secure shifting services in Cochin.

LogisticGuru- Your Perfect Car Carrier Service In Cochin

If you need to pick a privileged car transport and proficient car moving organization in Cochin, Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India's coastal Kerala state, we are the best in our industry which are known as LogisticGuru Car Transport Company which provides quality-assured Car Transportation Services with best Car Carriers deployed and made specially to accustom your car needs during Car Transport in Cochin.

Get free quotes from dependable, known and enlisted yet experienced car packing and car moving administration suppliers which are LogisticGuru Car Transports services in Cochin and best Car Carriers services in Cochin.

Welcome To LogisticGuru- Efficient Vehicle Shifting In Cochin

LogisticGuru is one of the most reliable and trusted Car Transportation Services in Cochin. We do not just transport your car conveniently and timely to the desired location but also take all your doubts regarding the process. If you are looking for the safest shifting solution to move your vehicle, home or office then you are on the right track.

Our company ensures the safety and timely transport or moving of the Machinery and Component. The services we provide are in sync with the government affirmation and the years of experience make the premium car shifting service in Cochin. Our team gives a worthy solution for domestic as well as local moving.

By hiring our services, our clients do not take the stress of over expenses as we never load our clients with unnecessary charges and estimate the most affordable quote for our services, we understand that a car isn’t just a car but a vehicle that you possess. We understand that transport of a car is a stressful activity, therefore, we thrive your stress up to some level by offering our transportation services.

What Different Can LogisticGuru Provide You?

As globalization is taking place, there is a rise in economy, affordability and ownership hence the use of personal vehicles is also increasing rapidly and due to globalization people are relocating from one place to the other thus, looking at these factors the need of auto transport services can definitely be felt so here are the reasons that why one need to call for such a transport service.

To save time

Time is considered as the most valuable asset in today’s world and therefore despite how much fun road travelling is, it comes at a cost of wasting this precious time, until and unless you are completely free from any commitments and duties and can afford that much hour, you shouldn’t consider driving it down yourself.

To save money

Driving a car requires a lot of energy which comes from gas or petrol. Therefore, you need to refill multiple times depending upon the destination which increases the cost of shifting the car on your own. Other than this there are costs of the food, accommodation and other miscellaneous charges so hire the LogisticGuru if you really value your hard-earned money

Ensure safety

Driving for long distances or even shorter routes can be hazardous. You are always at the risk of damaging your car or yourself. Therefore, it is a good decision to take a safer measure for yourself and hire a transport company for your car. Hence, by choosing the LogisticGuru you shall ensure that you are on the safer side.

Save yourself from the extra miles of your vehicle

We all are known to fact that when you drive, the meter scale on your car consequently goes up and the distance driven by your car is proportional to the ageing of your vehicle also when you run the vehicle it sometimes can lead to wear and tear of the body or the wheels of the car which overall affects the appearance of the car and decreases its value. On the other hand, the transport by our company doesn’t affect the meter and the car is relocated without having to run any extra miles which keeps the car in the same condition whether its a normal or a premium model. Thus, transporting your car is a profitable way to maintain a high resale value.

Save the environment

The number of vehicles driven definitely plays a major role in the amount of pollution in the environment hence, when you use our services you’re not only doing good for yourself but also for the environment. Our government encourages people to use public transport so that there are fewer vehicles on the road, in the same way, we ship at least four to five vehicles at a time. So for every three cars, there will be one truck which creates less pollution.

Premium Rated Services At Your Doorstep

LogisticGuru is the best vehicle shifting partner when it comes to solving queries related to car as well as bike shifting. It is your professional assistance for all your shifting needs. In case you are migrating to another destination, LogisticGuru is there to support you all throughout the shifting journey.


We are committed to offering you impeccable assistance for car shifting to different cities throughout the nation. We have an astute and efficient team that can give you a wonderful experience in a hassle-free manner


Our company is well known for providing the services of bike transport and shifting at your doorstep. We have earned the trust of our clients in terms of reasonable and reliable assistance. All you need is to fix your date and address of the bike relocation and let us know.


We are one of the recognised companies for extracting amazing and seamless home shifting services in all locations within the nation. We assure to provide 100% safe, secured and transparent procedure throughout

•  Premium Rated Affordable Car Shifting Services

Affordable pricing

With our fare calculator, we instantly offer you the best possible rates online, we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money.

24*7 assistance

We are available at your services anytime you want. Our team is there to take all your doubts and resolve them whenever you need them.

Hassle-free move

Get packers and movers quotes in just a few clicks, no more talking to multiple movers, transporters and truck drivers. Our dedicated move consultant handles everything whether you need a mini truck or top packers and movers.

Verified movers

Packers and movers in our company go through a rigorous verification and quality benchmarking process. We make sure that our movers deliver the service they promise.

Car Shifting Procedures

For the ease of our clients, we have designed a simple shifting process that comes with utmost comfort as we believe every process needs to be hassle-free and devoid of any complications. The shifting process is as follows-

Share your details

You need to share your details with our company just by going through our website and requesting a quote.

Get free quotes

A field officer from our experienced team will contact you through a call or any other means suitable to you which will help us to check the availability and will share the requirements needed to complete the procedure.


Once the confirmation is done, you shall ask for the quote for the Car Transport Services which means you are applying for the car transport service ranging from individual to corporate transportation.

Compare and Hire

Compare the charges and hire the best car and bike shifting services.

Kinds of Documents Which Are Required
  • Xerox Copy of your Car RC Book (Certificate of Registration)
  • Xerox Copy of your Car Insurance, should be valid(not expired)
  • Xerox Copy of your Driving License.
  • Original Pollution Under Control Certificate.

With digital advancements, all these documents can also be given on Whatsapp or Email instead of Xerox or the hard copy. Once all these documents are handy, our executive will contact you.

During the pickup, we will check the car for scratches, if any; they will be marked on the document as well as the photos will be takenOther than these, the car should have at least 10 litres of Diesel/Petrol so that it can be reached to our hub where we load/ unload it on the car carrier truck.


•  Car condition paper-

This consists of all the serial numbers like that of the tyre, the battery and also the visible scratches and dents are mentioned which are taken at the time we pickup your car.

•  Consignment Note-

It comprises the vehicle collection address along with the address at which the vehicle is to be delivered.

  • Money receipt
  • Bill
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Audi Car Transport In Cochin
BMW Car Transport In Cochin
Jaguar Car Transport In Cochin
Toyota Car Transport In Cochin
Volkswagen Car Transport In Cochin
Honda Car Transport In Cochin
Ford Car Transport In Cochin
Nissan Car Transport In Cochin
Hyundi Car Transport In Cochin
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Renault Car Transport In Cochin
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TATA Car Transport In Cochin
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MG Hector Car Transport In Cochin
Fiat Car Transport In Cochin
Mitsubishi Car Transport In Cochin
Mahindra Car Transport In Cochin
Advantages of Having LogisticGuru As Your Professional Shifting Assistance
  • We have a community spread in around 70 destinations all around the nation.
  • We have different branches which are completely computerised.
  • Rigorously trained and verified team members.
  • An experience of transporting about 25,000 vehicles including cars and bikes around the nation.
  • Packing materials of excellent quality.
  • International level packing techniques for assured protection.
  • 5000+ carrier vehicles with GPS to provide the live location of your vehicle.
ISO approved logistic company

LogisticGuru is your one-stop destination if you are looking for a reliable car carrier service based in Cochin. We tend to offer everything starting from car carrier service, car shifting service, vehicle transport and packing services, etc.

Well, from the very day of our establishment we have given priority to the client satisfaction and so for that, we impart all these services mentioned above as per the international standards.

Therefore, in case you want to move to other cities outside your state or from within the country you can entirely rely on us on moving your car dedicatedly to its destination without having any damage.

We ensure proper care in moving any of our client’s vehicles by our well-trained staff members’ team who work as a single team to provide you with the best possible services.

Welcome To LogisticGuru For Efficient Car Shifting Modules

LogisticGuru is the best vehicle transport service in Cochin that can transport your vehicle to your new home safely and securely, without the risk of you having to drive it across the country yourself. Your car is our utmost priority and we tend to give the best services for the same.

  • You can free yourself from any kinds of anxiety regarding your car break down on a dark stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. With a well-established car transport in Cochin, LogisticGuru is there to help you with all your needs.
  • With a professional car mover your car, truck, RV, or SUV will arrive at your front door with absolutely no wear and tear, and without the worries of you trying to drive it yourself. All for a lot less than you think.
  • Some car movers can even transport your motorcycle or boat and can make special arrangements to ensure that your rare classic or high-end luxury vehicle is well protected from all the elements throughout the entire trip.
  • But before you go out and hire a company to move your car there are a few things you need to know and do to make the journey as smooth and worry-free as possible. After all, you already have enough things on your plate to deal with. So let's get started, shall we?
  • You should know that in most cases a car transport will not be able to ship your car straight through from one location to another.
  • Transport trailers can hold up to six to twelve cars at a time with each car going to a different location, so your car may be carried through other drop sites before arriving at you at your specific destination.
  • Make sure to inform the transport company if you want your car shipped straight through to you, as they may have to arrange for a different type of trailer to move you.
How Does Car Transportation Work?

Car transport work is done based on car type and destination distance. Mainly two types of container are used for car transportation

•  Open container:

Car transport in an Open container is an affordable method to transport the car. Usually, people shift from one place to another place or within 500 km. It is advised to choose the Open container car transport for short distance shifting. The car will be locked and transported to the allotted destination.

•  Closed Container:

The car will be packed and locked in a special container. In the same container maximum of 4-6 cars will be loaded and transported to the destination. Car carrier service in closed container service will be very safe during the rainy season.

What’s the price of transporting a car?

The average cost of shifting your car will vary based on destination distance. The average price of car transport services is Rs 6,000 to Rs 18,000. However, it also depends on the road, the model of the car, and other such factors.

How much time do transporters take to deliver the car?

The delivery time differs from place to place. It mostly depends on the destination distance from the pickup point and the speed of the transport vehicle. Apart from these factors like road conditions, law and order situation, the company's work time policy, climate, etc, decide the delivery timing. However, the average time taken by the transport companies to deliver a car would be between 2 and 5 days.

How do you transport a car long-distance?

Firstly, to transport your car for a long distance. The safest way to transport the car for a long-distance, we always prefer the enclosed truck that protects your car from external environmental factors.

What’s the cheapest way to transport a car?

The cheapest way to transport your car via road in an open type container. The open container mode of transport provides safety and promises to deliver the car on pick up time condition.

LogisticGuru- Carving A Niche In The Logistic Industry

LogisticGuru has been one of the most pioneer names among the fraternity of car carrier service providing services to at least 70 destination networks.

Since the time of our inception we have been dealing with multiple clients across the state and gradually increased our clientele networks from all across the country. So if you are looking to hire a reputable Car Carrier company or a car moving company, then your search ends here.

  • So, as one of the leading car carrier service providing companies we offer complete support to our customers regarding delivering proper shifting to their cars from one city to another.
  • In case you are looking forward to shifting your vehicle to some other state within the country then that also we can make arrangements for you efficiently at a very budget-friendly cost.
  • Well, while working in this sector for the last few decades our collaborations have reached their new height which has helped us to fetch the goodwill and trust among all our clients for the best possible customer support service we used to provide them.
  • We have nationwide networks that help us in providing the perfect service to our clients regarding transporting their cars to respective cities across the country.

Now all these services are provided under the guidance of our well-trained and skilled staff members who endow with the best car moving service within your budget. So as a leading Car Carrier company we offer an array of services that include vehicle moving services, car shifting service, car transportation service, and newly incorporated car carrier transport.

Thus you get here a complete package of car shifting services based on your requirements from this leading car moving company. So for what you are waiting for? If you have any such needs then just log on to our website and get in touch with our team to book your free consultation right now.

LogisticGuru - Best Car Transportation Service In Cochin

In case you are looking for the most reliable car shifting service then there is no better option than LogisticGuru. It is the best sought after relocating company when it comes to car transport in Cochin The company aims to serve its clients the best packing and moving services so that all of their vehicle shifting queries are taken care of.

Shifting is not an easy process if you are not assisted by some professionals. This is where LogisticGuru can be your saviour when it comes to affordable car transport in Cochin.

Having experience of quite some years in this industry, the company knows how to tackle this entire shifting process. With a network of more than 70 destinations, LogisticGuru can help you with all the necessities related to car transport in Cochin.

With reliable insurance coverage, LogisticGuru is there to assist in case of any unforeseen contingencies. There exists 24/7 customer assistance so that your queries are solved instantly. In case you are worried about how to track your consignment then LogisticGuru has a solution for that also. It comes with an online tracking system so that you can check your consignment at your convenience.

Single Car Carriers - Cochin

Car shifting has become the most important service in today's world. As people tend to move because of career or job opportunities, it has become important for taking care of their vehicles in terms of shifting and relocating them.

LogisticGuru is your one-stop solution when it comes to car transport in Cochin. It has the expertise for providing the most affordable services in terms of single-car carriers. Not only it helps in shifting cars but also has the capacity of shifting two-wheelers as well.

What Makes LogisticGuru Different From Others?

Every logistics company can provide you with their services but what makes LogisticGuru different is their timely interference in case of any complications arises. Below are some of the benefits which can give you a competitive edge over other services.

Competitive Edge Over Others

The quality of services that LogisticGuru provides is at par with the market rates.

On-Time Assistance

LogisticGuru believes in taking care of their clients no matter what in terms of logistic assistance.

Real-Time Tracking System

No more you need to worry about your consignment as you can track time on a real-time basis.

Experienced Professionals

Hardworking and dedicated professionals make LogisticGuru the best partner for car transport in Cochin.

Reliable Source

With affordable insurance coverage, LogisticGuru is the most reliable source when it comes to car shifting or moving services.


LogisticGuru is an IBA certified logistics company taking care of services like car transport in Cochin. The next time you think of shifting or moving the vehicles you simply need to get in touch with LogisticGuru so that you can shift your vehicles seamlessly.

Best Car Transportation Services In Cochin

LogisticGuru is your online platform which can be helpful in case you are thinking of migrating to some other places. A vehicle is not just a possession but a place with loads of memories. Therefore, as a company, we have the responsibility of taking care of your favourite possession while shifting or relocating the vehicle.

LogisticGuru is the best car transportation service when it comes to delivering car transport in Cochin. It deals with providing bike shifting to individuals as well as corporates. The USP of the company lies in the fact that no matter what your query is it will get resolved instantly.

  • LogisticGuru is a pioneer in the transportation industry providing assistance with car transport in Cochin. A company having its expertise in the nationwide car and bike shifting services through water, road, and air.
  • All the branches are fully computerized and well-structured with each other. Proper care is taken along with the best quality packaging material ensuring less external injuries to the required shifting pieces of stuff.
  • Residential or Household shifting requires expertise in terms of processing. This is where LogisticGuru will help in assisting with the best car transport in Cochin

•  How long will it take to pick up my Vehicle?

Over 95% of our orders get shipped inside one week of the confirmation. That can be anywhere from 1 to 7 days. The difference comes depending upon the area you reside in, Cars usually are picked in a simple manner, almost half within just a few days.

•  How long does it take to deliver my vehicle?

The final step to complete the process is delivering and is also the simplest part. Once your vehicle has been assigned and picked up, you need not to worry, you can estimate that it will take approximately 1 day of transit time for every 500 miles distance.

The estimated delivery may vary depending upon distance, weather conditions and population centres, it could be a few days or weeks until a vehicle is delivered to the destination. The carriers usually estimate about 10 days but they are usually delivered earlier than the estimated time.

•  How do I prepare my vehicle for the shipment?

Check for all loose items as much as possible. Leave nothing of value in the vehicle. Although it is very rare that any items are stolen during the relocation, we recommend extra caution to prevent loss. You need to only fill in 10 litres of fuel as discussed earlier. Give the transport carrier a set of keys and advise them of any instructions about your vehicle such as difficulty in starting, steering , braking, etc.

•  Can I put stuff in my car when it's picked up?

No, you can’t transport any items inside your vehicle. The reality is that almost all carriers look the other way on items that weigh less than 100 pounds, roughly the equivalent of 2 suitcases. We suggest placing any other items through our house shifting services to make sure they are safe and secured but still incase it isn't that valuable then place the items in the trunk and out of sight.

•  How much does it cost to transport a car?

As discussed earlier, the cost is calculated by fair means depending upon several factors, chiefly distance, size of the vehicle, proximity to population centres, seasonal fluctuations, whether open or enclosed carrier or running vs. non-running condition. Any of these considerations can have a big effect on the final car shipping price.

•  Is there a helpline or customer care service for the company?

Once your order is confirmed the company shares a personalised helpline number for every transit which is also shared at the time of pickup and the team is available to take all of your queries and doubts 24*7

We as a company are your true buddies and our motive is just to aid you and to be the most preferred logistics partners for Car Transport in Cochin and all over India, our mission is to meet your demands and to supply solutions for all kinds of vehicle transportations which are completely safe and secured with us.

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