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Car Transport In Chennai

If you staying in Chennai need to relocate within the state or out of the state due to job transfer or other reason, then you have to relocate all your belongings with you. This is extremely problematic job for all of you. Doing this on your own is really tedious job, and it is risky too. There is a risk of losses some goods, break or damage breakable things like glass item or electronic goods etc. it is more risky if you have car or other vehicle with you. Shifting car or other vehicle is problematic job. If you have to go out of the state, then it is quite impossible when you are deciding to drive yourself. If you want to drive for shifting the car to the desired destination, you may face mishap or accident. It is quite hectic to drive long distance. So hiring an expert is smart decision. In this situation, you can hire LogisticGuru which is the best Car Transport In Chennai, which conduct more than 40,000 relocations every year by using the best car carriers services in Chennai. Still, we involve in relocating the corporate and government employees.

Why You Choose Us:
  • We are the leader of industry
  • We have a strong network of 70 destinations in all over the India.
  • We have several branches in different city which are fully computerized as well as networked with each other.
  • We have a dedicated and well-trained professionals who ensure quality re-locating process in all aspect.
  • Our warehouse is too large that is more than one lakhs square feet that lends us an unbeatable advantage.
  • With a well maintained fleet we can shift more than 5000 vehicles.
  • Customer can clear all their confusion from the customer care executive as you can get 24*7 customer care services.
  • We use the international standard packing materials and techniques that ensure you 100% secured shifting.

Welcome The Best Car Transport In Chennai

We are working as a best Car Transport In Chennai since 2013. Not only the Chennai, we are providing our service in all over the world. The customers are ensured to get the smooth and hassle free shifting service which is our amazing fact. We always keep the thing in mind while involving in Car Shipping Service is that car is precious belonging which needs utmost care during transportation. With us, it assured that your car is secured from any damages. We want to make strong network of clientele. Not only clientele, we always wise to make a population of satisfied customers, because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

LogisticGuru, the renowned Car Carrier In Chennai, use top quality packaging materials. So your vehicle is completely safe and avoids the chances of replace. The services are tried and tested. We are ISO certified, IBA approval and hold valid license from Government of West Bengal. The staff, customer care executive and packaging crews is extremely active and prompt in delivering the service. Additionally they are well coordinated with each other and always try to keep an open communication with the client.

We are renowned Vehicle Transport In Chennai. Due to top quality shifting service, we are gained huge popularity in all over the India.

Key Points For Our Car Transport Service:

  • Our well equipped Carriers are able to transport more than 5000 vehicle that is equipped with GPS tracking system.
  • Still today we have successfully delivered 10,000 CAR and 15,000 bike in all over the world.
  • Our all drivers are knowledgeable enough about all road map of India, due to this reason we can assure 95% ON Time Delivery.
  • We offer the HDFC ERGO Insurance to the entire vehicles that come to getting transported.

Premium Car Transport Agency In Chennai

At LogisticGuru, our dedicated team of professionals always tries to provide best to keep the car movement smooth and scheduled with proper care. Our customer service team is available 24*7 and they always ready to explain every detail regarding car transport. If you decide to hire us as a best car shifting in Chennai, then must be experiencing some major advantages including:

  • On-time pickup and drop facility
  • We return the car on same condition that we receive it from you to transport
  • Transparency assurance
  • You can easily track your car from anywhere with the help of GPS devices
  • We allow You to keep the car keys with you so that no one can misuse your vehicle
  • You can clear any type of doubt from our Customer care executive so that they help you the peace of mind
  • It's been more than seven years we are in this industry, so your car is in safe hands
  • We have well-maintained trucks to move your car safely.
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Important Things To Check While Hiring The Best Car Transportation Company Like LogisticGuru

At LogisticGuru, we know that your car is your expensive possessions. So, when you hand over a car to someone for relocation, you will want them to take care of your car like you do. Therefore, it is very important that you should make sure that the car transport company is reliable and experienced enough before handing over their car. When your car is with us, you don’t need to worry about this kind of things.

Check Whether The Transporter Is A Broker Or Carrier Or Vehicle Transport Company?

Before making the final decision it is crucial to figure out whether you Car Transport In Chennai is broker, carrier or vehicle transport company. Why it is so vital? The brokers are someone who fined carriers, then they schedule the car shipping, through this way they usually get extra charge. At the same way, carriers have owns fleets, tempos and trucks which are used for car transportation services. For doing the transportation system smoothly they need to hire the vehicle transport company. So it is best way to direct contact with vehicle transport company like LogisticGuru, who can provide you the end-to-end car moving service

Is The Company Hold A Valid Licensed And Registration OR Not?

You should find out a trustworthy Vehicle Transport In Chennai so that you can be sure that your car is in safe hand and get the damage-less delivery of car. But, for that it is essential to check the company has the valid license or not. If you hire LogisticGuru, you can completely secure because they have the entire necessary license and registered approve government of India.

Services Offered By The Company?

Before hiring the Car Shifting In Chennai, It is always good to get the information about exact what type of services the company provides.

There are some car transporters who ask you to pack your car and then transport it to their warehouse. But if you hire LogisticGuru, then you should know that we provide end-to-end car transport service. Means after receiving your query we will come to your house on schedule time. Then pick your car and drive to our warehouse. After staying one night, we transport your car through open or enclosed carrier to the desired destination. If the car needs to shift short distance, then we generally use the open carrier, but for long distance we will use the enclosed carrier

What Kind Of Vehicles They Ship?

After checking size or model of the car, the car transport companies may decide what type of equipment they should use to load the car. But, every car transporter for Car Transport In Chennai is not well-equipped with the latest technologies and moving equipment. So, when you hire a vehicle transport service provider then you should ask them what type of vehicle they transport. If you hire LogisticGuru, you should not think about it, because we are well equipped with modern technology and can able to shift any type of vehicle, car and bike.

Does The Customers Get The Free Car Shipping Quotations From The company?

If you want the quotations from any car shipping company then it is not necessary that you have to hire that company. You can ask for different quotation to compare the rate, then you will be able to find out which rate can be fitted with your requirement. LogisticGuru provide the free quotation after receiving the quarry. You can get the email with quotation from our help desk.

We also have the online cost calculators from where you can identify the approximate car transportation cost. But to get the accurate charges, you need to discuss directly to the representative of the company.

Check The Company Is Taking Any Hidden Cost OR Additional Cost

Sometime customers are attracted by the low cost of the company, but after that they have to pay extra fees for different reason. So it is most important to discuss everything in details. LogisticGuru provide you all detail about charges in their agreement paper, after that you need not pay anything extra. We just take a token as a advance to confirm the order. After delivery the car we will get the full payment.

How They Estimate Their Fees OR Charges?

It is your right to ask the transporter how they calculate their charges for car shifting. Generally it depends on some important factors like distance, model of the vehicle, method of shipping pick up and dropping location, etc. these are the primary factor. The secondary factors that affecting the cost are the condition of your car, customer need any special equipment for load and unload the car, demands, company’s brand reputation, seasonal price fluctuation, etc. the representative of LogisticGuru are always ready to provide detail of the charges and the procedure that how they calculate the charges. So you can ask us feel free.

What Type OF Mode OF Payment They Follow

There are lots of car transport company in Chennai who ask for the partial payment before the delivering the car and some transporter want advance money to confirm the booking. They also take it to make sure you will not cancel the booking in last minute. But LogisticGuru is the reputed and trusted agencies, we always prefer to take full payment after delivering the vehicle at the customer’s doorstep. We usually take very nominal amount for advance payment. It is important to get the information about payment before hiring the Car Shipping In Chennai. You have to remember that no any company can ask for full payment in advance. If anybody do it, then you can mark them as a fraud, because, any company can get 50% of advance of the total fees.

LogisticGuru usually accept the online payment, we try to receive almost all payments through banks, it can make us the most authenticate Car Transport In Chennai.

Is The Company Insured OR Not?

Like other reputed company, LogisticGuru is completely insured. We are the best of those agencies, because we provide adequate coverage to respond to emergency issues that may occur during transportation. So, when you are choosing us you should ask us about standard shipping insurance, You have ask you should buy any extra insurance for the car? If something more badly happens, will the extra coverage cover the whole car or parts of the car?

What Is Method That They Follow To Transport Your Car?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with asking us some questions about the car transportation process when you have chosen us for car transportation. You can ask us how we will transport the car in the moving truck, what kind of packaging materials we use to pack the vehicle, how long the car will be on the road, how long it will take for the car to be delivered etc. at LogisticGuru, we are ready to provide all the details about the car transportation process.

What Type OF Customer Support They Can Provide

We are one of the reliable company that we have 24/7 customer service. Our customer care executives are really very smart and prompt to answer your all questions. Apart from this, we are providing the tracking fleet or truck. So both customers and our executive can track the live location of the car. So for your luxury and expensive car, you should hire the nationwide transport agency like LogisticGuru that will keep the timely updates of your valuable car properly.

Is The Company Cheaper Option OR Not:

There is a misconception that hiring auto shipping agencies means spending a lot of money. Most of us think that vehicle shipping company generally charge too much for their Car Shipping In Chennai. They usually think that self-driving is cheaper. But they have no idea that there are many costs involved with self driving like Fuel-you cannot leave the tank empty, so you have purchase fuel.

Room Accommodation: you need to halt for some time to take some rest, so you need to arrange room accommodations for night stay.

Toll Tax: When you do self driving you have to pay toll tax in different places which is in cost.

Food And Water: When you do self driving you must ready the food and water which is a big expense. Additionally when you are in road, you may face mishap or accident, which can make a big loss.

But when you are with us, you don’t need to worry about anything. So hiring a reputed Car Transport In Chennai like LogisticGuru is really a cheaper option

Is The Company Help You In Time Saving OR Not

Hiring professional Car Shipping In Chennai is a time-saving option. When you decide to hand over your vehicle to a vehicle transporting organization, you are really gifting yourself enough time. How much time it totally depends on how far you're moving; that might be hours, a day, or even a week. This time you can use it differently, including arrangements for shifting, tie up loose ends, making last-minute checking or saying good bye to the neighbors.

Have The Company An Appropriate Carrier:

Well-established car shipping like LogisticGuru always tries to keep their vehicles well maintained to ensure safe transportation process. No matter what is your budget and which model car you want to transport, we has large selection of vessels you can easily choose, be it single car carrier or a trailer for charring more than one car. To lower down the chances of an unforeseen incident or accident, it is suggested to ship classic cars or expensive car enclosed truck or a single trailers. LogisticGuru allows their customer to examine all the options before making the selection.

LogisticGuru Is Such Type OF Car Moving Company That Many OF The Customer Relying Upon:

At LogisticGuru, we not only serve to the people who want to shift one place to another by using our Car Transport in Chennai, but also we are well preferred by the branded automobile manufacturers. They depends us for carrying their newly manufacturing cars to the distribution point across the nation. We not only ship your car from one place to desired location but also we take utmost care to it. There are numerous car shipping companies available in Chennai which offers cheap price for Car Shipping In Chennai and all of them claims that their service is best. But this is not true always. People hire them due to cheap price. But most of the time it leads to loss and damage. It is seen in many cases that instead of securing the car in trucks, they drive it to the location. But always avoid such type of fake commitment, we maintain the pick up the car and drop it according to the schedule.

At LogisticGuru we always follow the complete as well as proper checklist of pickup and drop. Additionally we allow our customer to keep the keys of the cars along with them by which they can easily make control over their car. our transportation vehicles are equipped with modern and updated GPS fitted devices that help the customer to track their car anytime and anywhere with the mobile or other web application. So it is proved that when you are with us, you need not to worry about security and safety of you vehicles. We always try to deliver your car on exact condition. Because we ship you car with utmost care.

At LogisticGuru, We always believe in giving you with the best car transport services in Chennai.

With Us, You Can Enjoy The Services Including:
  • 24*7 customer care support in any problem
  • With More than eight years of experience, we can do anything for our customer related to car shipping in Chennai
  • Pan India moving facility
  • handling of your vehicle with utmost care while transport at your doorstep with making scratch on the car body
  • On time Pickup and drop facility
  • Track your vehicle with mobile or web application
Get Your Car Transported With The Best Car Shipping In Delhi Anywhere, Anytime.

LogisticGuru is one of the most renowned car transport service provider in Chennai working in the industry’s leading brand for more than eight years. We always try to maintain the quality in providing the quality car transport services to our customers. Actually customer’s satisfaction is our main priority. So always try to maintain healthy relationships with them. We highly understand car is your precious belonging and top priorities and you love and care your vehicle like you child.

At LogisticGuru, we understand that when you are doing the business with us, means you are depend on us on the crisis moment. So before starting the delivery process We always keep it in mind, we have to move the car safely and securely with all possible care. This is our commitment to the customers that we car on schedule and in the exact condition. We always believe in maintain the transparency with the customer.

Final Words

All people love their car or other vehicle like a child. It is very natural because it is one of the precious possessions for any people. Car is one of the most expensive things, the car owners always want to handle it with utmost care, while shipping it to other city or state. So it is extremely important that before hiring a car transport company, you need to ensure they are reliable, reputed and trustworthy or not. So you have to check all their documents prior.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which Type OF Documents Should You Required For Car Transportation

Before hire a car transport company, you need to confirm that what type of documents they need to transport your car. Generally a car shipping company wants

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • photocopy of car insurance
  • valid ID proof
  • car model and model number

For you want the international car shipping, them the company may ask for other various documents. But if you hire LogisticGuru you have to know they only offer their service nationwide. After selecting the car transport company you need to ready the documents.

Does LogisticsGuru Provide Contract Agreements To Its Customers?

If you want to hire a professional Car Carrier In Chennai like LogisticGuru, you have to avoid any company's verbal promises. You should ask them to write everything on a white paper or court paper. In this case, LogisticGuru is the best option. They provide a contract agreement where plenty of clauses are written in the sheet that the company has to pay if your car cannot be delivered within the specified time. It will also mention that you will have to pay some penalty if you cancel the contract after a specific time period.

Does Company Provide The Exact Shipping Timing To The Customers?

Most of the reputed car transport in Chennai offers the customer different time frame options for delivery the car at various costs. So you can choose your time to pick up and delivery according to your requirement. Usually most of the reliable car transporter may not give the exact time of delivery, because they take time to shipping. They usually provide the approx time. if you want the specific date or time to delivery your car, you have to talk the company executive then the manager.

Is LogisticGuru Is Capable To Transport 1 Car OR More Than 1 Car

The reliable and trustworthy vehicle moving service like LogisticGuru always offer the fast, easy and convenient services, whether you are the owner of the car, seller or buyer or collector of vintage car or car dealer. We, at LogisticGuru, can take care of it for you, be it one car or multiple car.

How Does The Car Get Transported?

If you hire a reliable Car Shifting In Chennai, you will be ensured that your car will safely be enclosed in trucks while moving to other places. These car transport trucks have harnesses and slots enclosed with it to ensure the cars or other vehicles are transported in a safe manner. Some lesser know companies drive the car while moving it from one place to another; it is not secure for the car. In this process, it may face an accident or criminal activity.

Is It worth It To Ship A Car?

Most of the normal people think that shipping a car needs a huge amount of money. In some cases, it needs. But you have to choose a good company which provides a safe and secured service at a reasonable rate. You have to remember that your car holds high value for you, so you need to transport it correctly, maintaining a perfect procedure that can be shifted without causing any damage. You have to keep in mind that good Car Transport In Noida will arrange for both open and enclosed trailers while selecting it for transporting your car according to your budget and desired level of security.

How LogisticGuru Make You Stress Free

Long-distance driving is very stressful, and it can also create a few headaches. Most of the time, it doesn't matter that how far you love to drive. When you drive a car for sifting, it will make a anxiety inside you because it will work in your brain that you have to settle in a new place, which creates anxiety inside you. Hiring an expert Car Transport In Noida and taking flight, train or bus for moving allows you to relax, chill out read, watch movies in movies, take phone calls, or allow for sleep, which is much needed in this hectic time. So you can arrive at your destination with great refreshment.

What Is The Transporting Method That LogisticGuru Follow?

LogisticGuru uses the safe way to safely move it, like flatbed trucks, enclosed trailers, car carriers, and other customized options. When you decide to move your car to another place through us as the best a Car Transporter In Chennai, you have to receive the company's inspection report. Through these documents, you can get various information like receiving and delivery information, condition of your car, current mileage, etc.

In How Many Places In The Country Does LogisticGuru Provide Its Services?

At LogisticGuru, we have a strong network to provide our service to 70 destinations nationwide.

Do We Have To Pay More For Transporting The Larger Size Vehicle?

If it is a big-sized vehicle like a truck, you need to pay more than transporting a small car while hiring the LogisticGuru. You can get all detail on the terms paper.

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